Chakra refers to energy center. It is a Sanskrit word which means vortex or wheel. There are seven major chakra centers in human body. These energy centers regulate the flow of energy in our body. How well the chakra centers function depends on our emotional state of being. In other words, the chakra centers reflect the way we view and experience the world around us. It stores emotional hurt, pain, and thoughts that can limit or expand the soul’s experience.

I have been realizing for a while how much fear is embedded into our systems during my coaching conversations with the clients. I am also realizing that that the fear often creates breathe-unable spaces in various chakras. One is obviously the heart chakra as when you are operating out of fear; you cannot operate out of joy and you hold back on the exchange of love. Unfortunately you have to choose one or the other. They don’t mingle. Although, some people, seek dangerous activities to have fun, what they are really doing is to utilize adrenalin rush excitement as substitute of joy.

Fear can also create breathe-unable spaces in the 1st and 2nd chakras. The 1st chakra represents how we associate with out tribe. If your immediate environment as you are growing up had fear-full people that carried their fears and worries around you, you learn to associate with them through your fears. So experiencing/expressing fear and worries = love in the subconscious as you learn to share your worries and fears with your caretakers. Since you were getting attention when you were afraid or worried…

As you learn to associate survival at the 1st chakra energy system through expressing and experiencing fear, you also learn to express yourself through worries and fears through your 2nd chakra. 2nd chakra governs our creativity, our ability to express ourselves. Once the choices are made as a young being to utilize fear as a survival mechanism and to obtain love, one would use the fear as their core driver to accomplish things. If this is a pattern for you, you can scan your relationships to see that they are feeding your fear by many ways, either they are engaging you to make you feel your fear, or they are engaging you to make them feel their fear. Either way, you are in the “fear zone”. Once you realize this and decide to change your driver from fear to joy or any other energy that agrees with you, then you will notice that your relationships will change.

Now, let’s look at how to get off fear/worry train and get onto something else? This may not be an easy shift. It takes warrior awareness, takes stamina, takes gentleness, care and compassion towards self and it takes time… Here are certain things might help you in this transition besides the awareness…

  • Mind-body Exercises: Any type of exercise that plugs you back into you is helpful towards generating awareness and shifting the behavioral patterns.
  • Bach Flower Essences: Aspen, Pine, Cherry Plum and Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is my all-time favorite doing any kind of work with reprogramming subconscious.
  • Crystals: Black Onyx, Blue Quartz
  • Foods: Earth foods such as the foods grow under the soil or just above it like mushrooms, root vegetables, etc. for healing the 1st and 2nd charka. For the heart chakra red foods like tomatoes, hawthorn berries, etc…Also green foods are nourishing for the heart, lung, intestine meridian system…
  • Yoga Nidra: (please see Tijen’s Yoga Nidra blog for free audio download). Make your resolve prior to the session around your fears such as “I intend to resolve my fear-based relationships” or “I intend to resolve using fear as my core driving source behind my actions”…
  • Coaching Conversations: Using coaches as the facilitator of change is very helpful. There are many great coaches out there. Check out International Coaching Federation website to find certified coaches.
  • Yoga Poses: You need to get deep into the fascia layer inside the groin. Once you loosen up in that area, believe it or not, you will feel the release at your heart center. Then you can do some heart openers. Getting deep to fascia layer requires stillness in the practice. Therefore I would recommend using props to support yourself so you can focus on your breathe and move the fear out of your veins…Although I would put some pictures here that might help you but they are not exactly what I am recommending. I think that I need to take my pictures in action to show what they are as these are not standard yoga poses…I will describe here just one pose to start your practice with:
    • Sit down on your heels, spine erect
    • Clasp your hands behind your body
    • With your breath, move your hands side to side in the back of your body, breathing into the heart center
    • Once you feel loosening in the heart center and inside your groin (can take 3-5 min) then you may get into the other poses.

May you feel courage to fill your heart with joy and make your actions joy-full…

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