Here Comes The Sun

We’re excited for another fun, social and relaxing season outside at the resort – which is included in all memberships!

We’ve made a few upgrades over the winter – extended the bar, added more lounge seating & created a covered dining area for rain and shine service.

If you wish to adjust your membership to include your spouse and/or kids now is the time!  You have the option to pay for the season up front while keeping your monthly billing the same, or you can pay the difference monthly.  All upgrades have a minimum 6 month commitment.

*Each person/child over 2 years old must be an active member in order to be able to use the pools and facilities.

Expansion Project Update & Walk Through with NAC Owner

We know you’re wondering what’s been going on inside there – so here it is: a detailed walk-through of the Newtown Athletic Club’s largest & most comprehensive expansion & renovation project yet.

As a global leader in the fitness industry, the NAC, located in Newtown, PA is elevating the member experience with brand new boutique group fitness studios, two dedicated yoga studios including a hot yoga studio, a HIIT cardio and weight training studio better known as Six Zone Training studio, which is a HIIT program that was developed by the NAC, dedicated pilates studio, brand new spa locker rooms & more.

All group fitness classes are included in your NAC membership. Now’s the time to take a group fitness class with us!

Complete the form below to try a free class.

International IHRSA Board names Worthington Chairman

Press Release March 28, 2018

NAC Owner, Jim Worthington, elected Chairman of the largest fitness trade association in the world.

International IHRSA Board names Worthington Chairman

Newtown, PA, March 27, 2018:  Jim Worthington, the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association) on Friday, March 24, 2018 in San Diego, CA.  The election took place at the 2018 IHRSA International Conference where education, networking and the largest fitness equipment trade show in the world are provided for 10,000 clubs representing 90 countries.

During his tenure as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Worthington will be responsible for leading the largest fitness trade association in the world to become the solution for the global obesity crisis as well as to protect, promote and grow the fitness industry.  His vision and leadership will help to shape the direction of fitness and wellness worldwide during a time when the world is beginning to recognize that “Exercise is Medicine” is having a positive effect on almost every disease state as well as preventing many diseases from ever developing.

Mr. Worthington comments, “I am honored and humbled to have the privilege to serve the industry that I have been passionate about for 40 years in this way.  There comes a time in every man’s life when his actions are driven more by legacy than ambition.  I will do my best to make a mark in the industry that has lasting effects to propel us towards the ultimate goal of making fitness and wellness more available to everyone in the world.”

This honor coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the Newtown Athletic Club (1978 – 2018).  This milestone will be celebrated all year long with many events and acknowledgements of long term members and employees.  Established as a 15,000 square foot racquetball club on 3 acres in 1978, the NAC has grown into a globally recognized 250,000 square foot lifestyle club on 25 acres.  A pioneer in many facets of fitness and wellness, Mr. Worthington’s vision and the dedication of the entire NAC team have brought the NAC to this pinnacle of international recognition.

About Newtown Athletic Club:   Newtown Athletic Club, one of the largest individually owned health clubs in the nation, is a full service, multi-recreational health and fitness complex whose mission is “Making lives better by creating the ultimate recreational, social and healthy lifestyle experience”.  As a leader in the global industry, the NAC is an award-winning facility both nationally and internationally with a strong commitment to local and national ties in the community as not only a provider of services, but also as a supporter of charitable activities and services that depend on donations and support.  The NAC, a true lifestyle club, is proud to offer the best in services, programs and facilities in a 250,000 square foot facility on 25-acres in the heart of bucolic Bucks County located at 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940.



Grab a Buddy: Partner Warm Up

There’s no denying that partner workouts are effective in keeping you focused on your goals and in keeping you more likely to exercise.  Partner workouts add intensity, motivation and a sense of community, something we take pride in at the NAC with our GroupFit classes and team training options. Here are a few of our favorite, full-body exercises that hit the upper body, lower body and core in a coordinated movement pattern. Try these warm-up moves with your partner before your workout today!:

1. The Mirror Game

  • Partners face each other and take turns leading basic cardio floor exercises&mdashside steps, hamstring curls, jumping jacks, knee lifts, jogging in place, squats, etc.—for 2 minutes.
  • Switch every 20 seconds and keep people moving.
  • Focus on proper form!

2. Patty-Cake Lateral Lunges

  • Partners stand side by side and perform a rocking lateral lunge away from each other.
  • A wide stance ensures knees stay behind toes, with external hip rotation.
  • Reach opposite hand toward knee, then toward partner, twisting trunk to give partner a high-five.
  • Perform 8–16 reps; switch sides by jogging around or hopping to face back.

3. Plié Squat Pass (Lateral)

  • Partners stand back to back in wide plié stance with one light to moderate-weight medicine ball.
  • Partner A holds ball between waist and chest level and twists left to pass ball.
  • Partner B retrieves ball from right.
  • Perform 8–10 reps in each direction to warm up thighs and trunk rotators.
  • Use a moderate tempo (2- or 4-count twists, in each direction) to avoid dizziness.

4. Medicine-Ball Squat Pass (Overhead)

  • Partners stand back to back, a couple of feet apart.
  • Partner A holds a light medicine ball, squats for 2 counts, then rises to stand for 2 counts while pressing ball overhead, reaching back gently to pass ball to partner B.
  • Partner B extends arms overhead, takes ball, and then squats, lifts ball and passes it back.
  • Focus on opening shoulders as you “fire up” back muscles.
  • Have each partner perform 8–10 squats.

Set yourself up for fitness success by teaming up with a group that will help you reach your goals. Interested in team or group training options? We have a team for you! Fill out the form below for more information on all of our awesome teams. We can’t wait to get started!

Working out with a partner or with a coach is extremely beneficial. Being with another person gives you that extra push and will always hold you accountable. Personal trainer Kristen Ramezzana has created a 6-week program in order to help you get ready for the summer! 6 Weeks ‘Til Summer will include:
-Before and after Inbody testing
-Personalized 6-week workout calendar
-One 55-minute group session per week
-2 online workouts per week
-30-minute nutrition consultation with our Registered Dietitian (continued RD services pending on insurance account)
-Recipe e-book

Bring on bathing suit season! Sign up below to grab your spot. Use the code BIKINI to get 10% off!

Camp NAC Gets Ready to Kick Off Another Season of Summer Fun

Looking for a fun way to help your family get fit and have fun this summer? The four-acre outdoor resort and pool complex at the Newtown Athletic Club is scheduled to open mid-April!

Camp NAC recently held an open house to introduce new families to the fun that becoming a Camp NAC kid can bring. All campers get to play and have fun in the sun during the summer at the pool resort complex. If you missed out on the Camp NAC event, there’s still time to get registered for summer camp.

Camp NAC is more than just a summer camp – it’s located on the same campus as the Newtown Athletic Club, an elite fitness center in Bucks County. We offer a safe environment to help your child develop, build their confidence, and make the most out of their summer. With a number of special camps themes such as Star Wars, Myth Busters, NAC Gaming, Harry Potter Pokemon, and Junior Chef, parents love knowing that when they send their child to a camp, where they’ll be having a summer full of both fun and education.

This year, Camp NAC is also doing our part to introduce age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to children in a fun and appropriable outlet. Younger children will explore the fun side of science, while older children and teens will embrace their leadership qualities and curiosity to build upon this important area of education. By combining facts and fun, parents love that Camp NAC is the interactive alternative to a summer of television and video games.

The best part? You don’t have to be a member of Newtown Athletic Club to sign up for Camp NAC! In an effort to extend our programs to more and more families, registration for Camp NAC is available even if you are not currently taking advantage of Newtown Athletic Club’s facilities.

Now is the perfect time to get your family ready for their best summer yet – Camp NAC for the kids and plenty of adult programs, including working with some of the elite personal trainers in Bucks County. Give our team at Newtown Athletic Club a call today at 215-526-5906 to get started or learn more!

NAC Nutrition Can Help You Shed the Holiday Weight Gain

From delicious gingerbread houses covered in frosting to the candy canes on the tree, most of us tend to allow our diets to slip a little bit as we indulge in some seasonal cheer.

Luckily, Newtown Athletic Club offers more than just a selection of gym equipment and youth camps in Newtown PA. Their team also offers nutritional counseling to help you shed the holiday pounds and get closer to your fitness goals, no matter what they are.

Newtown Athletic Club is more than a gym. They know that nutrition is just as important for fitness as exercise is. Newtown Athletic Club offers a number of group nutrition sessions free with membership to get you started on the road to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

From their “First Taste” session that aims to dispel some of the most common nutritional myths and urban legends to their “Fuel to Lose” class that helps introduce dieters to nutritious ways to cut the calories without starving themselves, the team at Newtown Athletic Club has a nutrition course for everyone.

No matter if they’re a first-time dieter or a hardcore fitness addict, the team at NAC nutrition can help every guest learn something new about their body and get them a little bit closer to their health-related goals!

NAC Nutrition also provides one-on-one private nutritional counseling as well. Their team of experts recommends that all new NAC members start off by scheduling a private individual consultation to help get themselves jump-started on the road to a better diet.

Don’t let the holidays ruin your health! Get back on track today with assistance from Newtown Athletic Club. To learn more about our nutritional counseling, membership packages or Bucks County summer camps, give our team a call today at 215-968-0600!

First Week of Fall Session Recap

Our youth programs fall session has begun!


Youth programs at the NAC offers both noncompetitive and competitive programs for children ages 1 through 12.  Programs are designed to appeal to all children with their individual interests in mind. We offer a variety of different classes including Gymnastics, Kidfit, Dance and Taekwondo. Each session lasts about 11 weeks, which gives kids the opportunity to try new activities, meet new friends and work on skills they have learned prior.

This past week, we offered a ton of exciting classes for a range of age groups, levels and interests. From dance classes, fitness classes, cooking classes and more, we had a great first week of our fall session and are looking forward to the upcoming weeks.







Youth Programs classes are open to both NAC members and the general public. If you still need to sign up for classes, stop by the Program Desk! For more information, email or click here to check out our fall session brochure.

Our Directors First Week at Camp!

Our directors have had the best time at Camp NAC this week! With a variety of age groups and camps to choose from, our NAC management team has been the greatest help.


Alex has been representing our Camp NAC brand this week. From answering phone calls to returning all of the emails, we could not have done it without him!


Taylor had fun this week as part of our NACster camp. The teens loved her!


Leslie did great with our 3-5 year old NACster campers. This parachute game looked like so much fun!


Erica & Liz had a great time as our NACster camp counselors!


Our Lil Gymnast’s loved having Kim with them, especially during swim time!


Leigh had the most creative ideas for fun projects for our Crazy Crafts camp.


Nikki was one of our NACster camp counselors. Our campers had so much fun with her this week!


Megan was one of our Backyard Sports counselors. She had the best ideas for so many fun games.


Nancy was one of our 3-5 year old NACster camp counselors. They had so much fun!


Jim was our Backyard Sports camp counselor today. From soccer and football, to intense games of GaGA, we loved having Jim at camp today!
We still have one more week left of Camp NAC. We are adding two more of our directors to our Camp NAC staff for the week! Introducing…

Linda Mitchell, Director of Public Relations

Linda functions as the NAC representative to our community, in addition to handling all club communications as they relate to overall club operations, senior management, charitable giving, media relations and more! Linda began her job at the NAC in 1981 as the Group Exercise Director and after 15 years she became the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a BFA in Dance Education. She loves being apart of the NAC vision of “Making Lives Better” and we cannot wait to have her join us in our NACster camp next week!


Kate Golden, Director of Fitness

Kate serves as the Director of Fitness here at the NAC. You can always find Kate working hard in the gym, connecting with members and being that friendly, smiling and welcoming face here at the NAC. Kate is excited to get the opportunity to work at Camp NAC in our NACster camp where she will bring her love of fitness into the camp day! We can’t wait to have you at camp Kate!


We are excited for our last and final week of Camp NAC happening August 28th to September 1st!

From Directors to Counselors!

The end of summer is not something to cringe about this year. While our counselors are away, our NAC directors get to play!

Instead of closing down camp while our current counselor staff goes back to school, our NAC employees were eager to help run the show.
With tons of experience and a variety of different backgrounds, our staff has what it takes to make sure your campers have the best last two weeks’ of summer vacation.

Introducing our Week 12 2017 Camp NAC Staff:

Taylor Antolino, Marketing Director

Taylor was a 4 year lettermen athlete, playing for the Virginia Tech Women’s Division 1 Soccer Team! She loves working with kids and will be working in our NACster camp. Taylor is currently our Marketing Director here at the NAC. She graduated from Virginia Tech back in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations & Marketing. We are so excited to have her aboard for camp!


Justin Nusblatt, NAC Sports Training Center Director

Justin is super excited to work for CAMP NAC in our Backyard Sports camp because it will give him the opportunity to play different sports with the campers. He has always enjoyed being around kids and is thankful for the Camp NAC campers to give him the opportunity to be a kid again! Justin works as the director of the NSTC here at the NAC. He graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Communications and Marketing. He played baseball in college and is an all around Philadelphia sports fan!


Kristen Golden, Wellness Programs Director

Kristen is excited to work at camp where she will be working with our NACster camp full of fun games, sports, crafts, swimming and more!  Kristen works as the Wellness Programs Director here at the NAC. She graduated from West Chester University, with a degree in Kinesiolgy. At school, she was an avid softball player where she still plays recreationally! Kristen loves working with kids and we are so excited she will be joining us!


Eve Krieger, Chief Financial Officer

 Eve works as the CFO for the NAC. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin where she majored in Retail Management. Eve enjoys being with her children while watching them play instruments and sing in both the band and choir. Eve will be working with our 3-5 year old’s in Camp NACster where she will use her expertise of playing games and being with children like she does with her new grandchild! We can’t wait for Eve to join us.


Jon Mullin, IT Coordinator

Jon is our wonderful IT Coordinator here at the NAC. He knows all things computers and fixes any problem we might have! He is currently attending Bucks County Community College where he is majoring in Photography. Jon enjoys coaching in the Billiards League as a current team captain. He enjoys watching sports, especially taking pictures of various sports events. He loves nature and all things wildlife and is excited to work alongside our Camp NAC team as a NACSter counselor!


Nancy Goracy, Administrative Director

Nancy will be working as part of our 3-5 year old NACster variety camp where she has a ton of experience working with children along with being a positive influence in their lives from growing up in a huge household! She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and cooking. Nancy works at the NAC as our Administrative Director. She graduated school with a major in Business. She has been an athlete her entire life ranging from Cheerleading to Gymnastics and Tennis!  We are eager to get the camp week started!


Leigh Ferello, Creative Director

Leigh works as our talented Creative Director here at the NAC. She is excited to teach our Crazy Crafts camp next week because she believes in the power of a child’s imagination where everyone has a special talent. She graduated with Bachelors in Art from the Art Institute where she enjoys art and music! Growing up in an artistic family, art and design were encouraged from a very young age where her father worked in art restoration and her mother was a self taught illustrator and painter. With tons of experience as a freelance designer in industries ranging from retail to pharmaceutical, she is able to bring her design knowledge to work each day. She has three children, two cats and a hamster where she combines her love of children and animals to make for a busy house hold. Crazy Crafts will be a lot of fun with Leigh!


Nicole Beck, Marketing Manager

Nicole works as our Marketing Manager here at the NAC where she graduated from Temple University with a degree in Public Relations. She absolutely loves public speaking, which will come in handy when working with all of our little campers! Nicole loves traveling, going on hikes, camping and working out with friends. She absolutely loves sports and working together on a team. She has a ton of experience with this where she has played lacrosse, field hockey, water polo and volleyball! Growing up, she was the oldest of five and has always felt like she has gotten along and worked well with other children. She enjoys crafts and staying active outdoors, which will come in handy next week at camp. She is super excited to work at camp to help all of the campers end summer feeling refreshed and ready for a new school year.


Lindsay Dowrick, Video Specialist 

Lindsay works at the NAC as our talented video specialist!  Lindsay is working camp as our Gymnastics and Tumbling counselor to train gymnasts on their skills and conditioning to get them where they want to be for coordination, balance and flexibility. She recently graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production. Lindsay has been a competitive cheerleader for over 13 years and competed at the Cheerleading World Championships 6 years in a row. She has shared her life on YouTube with cheer videos where she has built a fan base of over 50,000 cheerleaders worldwide. Lindsay is excited to work at camp to get out of the typical office routine and get working with all of our little gymnasts.


Liz Wedekind, Youth Marketing Coordinator

Liz graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2017 with a degree in Business Marketing. She has been a cross country and track runner her entire life and was a four time National Qualifier in Cross Country at Elizabethtown College. She absolutely loves working at the NAC where she gets the chance to combine her passion of working with children and her creative knowledge to market for our club as our Youth Marketing Coordinator. She has been busy all summer marketing for Camp NAC and our Youth Programs.  She is so excited to finally be able to work with the kids these last two weeks in our NACster camp!


 Erica Petrone, Fitness/Wellness Marketing Manager

Erica is currently our fitness and marketing manager here at the NAC. She graduated from Penn State back in 2016 majoring in Marketing with a minor in Pyschology. She has been an athlete her entire life playing soccer for YMS, Villa Joseph Marie and PSU Club Soccer. She currently coaches for Villa’s varsity soccer team and absolutely loves it! She stays healthy by playing sports, lifting and doing cardio workouts. Erica is super excited to work at Camp NAC in our NACster variety camp! She knows it will be a great opportunity to both teach and learn from our campers about working together as a team. We can’t wait to have you at camp Erica!


Brittany Garvey, Fitness Manager

Brittany is our fabulous fitness manager here at the NAC. She graduated from the University of South Florida back in 2014 where she played softball and majored in Health and Exercise Science. Brittany coached college softball at Hofstra University and continues to train at the travel level. She truly believes fitness is ultimately the key to living a healthy, wholesome and well balanced lifestyle. She likes to workout everyday during the week doing both Cross-fit and Zumba. Brittany will be working as a counselor in our Backyard Sports camp and we are so excited!


Kim Levins, Urban Allure Salon & Spa Director

Kim is currently our Urban Allure Salon and Spa Director here at the NAC. She graduated from Holy Family University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Health and wellness is extremely important to her and absolutely loves working out, traveling to beautiful places and spending much needed relaxation time with her dogs! Kim loves getting the opportunity to work with kids and is very happy to be working at Camp NAC next week!


Alex Davies, Director of Parties and Events

Alex is currently our party and events director here at the NAC. He has worked for Camp NAC in previous years and is so excited to get the chance to come back again! He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Secondary Education English, grades 7-12 and has a ton of experience working with children on a daily basis. In his free time, he really enjoys sitting down with a good book and will bring his educational background and implement it to our campers in the coming weeks! Alex loves spending time at Camp NAC and we cannot wait to have him back!


Megan Wells, Member Experience

Megan currently works at the NAC as part of our member experience. She strives to make sure each member is well taken care of, represents the NAC brand in a positive way and ensures their NAC experience is one of the best. Working with kids and teaching is her passion, where she recently just got a new job as a 3rd grade teacher! We couldn’t be happier for Megan and cannot wait for her to join us at Camp NAC.


Melissa Christie, Director of Member Experience & Integration

Melissa currently works at the NAC has the Director of Member Experience and Integration. Melissa loves working at the NAC because she knows she has the opportunity to change and brighten someone’s day, each and every day. Originally joining the NAC as a member, she discovered how the NAC was way more than just a fitness club, it was a lifestyle. She enjoys working with others and loves getting the chance to work with kids. We are excited to have Melissa with our 3-5 year old group in Mid Day Care!


Jack Worthington, Maintenance

Jack is one of our valuable maintence workers here at the NAC. Growing up, Jack played all types of sports! He is an avid sports fan and will be a great counselor for our NACster campers. Our campers are very excited to have Jack join us for camp!


Amanda Brown, Camp Director

Amanda is our fabulous camp director here at Camp NAC. Having over 11 years of experience working at the NAC both as the Youth Programs Director and Camp Director, she knows exactly what it takes to make the camp weeks run smoothly. With a degree in Education, she has ensured each camp includes an educational component into each and every camp day. Amanda is excited to get out from behind the scenes and be a counselor for the next two weeks!


Ryan Kitchenman, Front Desk Manager

Ryan is our friendly face at the front desk here at the NAC! He is always the first to greet our members and the last when they leave. He always has such a positive, welcoming attitude, which is super important to our members. Ryan has played sports his entire life. In high school, he was captain of the varsity football team, MVP for a basketball tournament and honor roll student. He knows the value of a good education along with following his passion for sports. He loves working with children and is excited to see what Camp NAC offers. We are super excited to have you with our NACster camp Ryan!