Here Comes The Sun

We’re excited for another fun, social and relaxing season outside at the resort – which is included in all memberships!

We’ve made a few upgrades over the winter – extended the bar, added more lounge seating & created a covered dining area for rain and shine service.

If you wish to adjust your membership to include your spouse and/or kids now is the time!  You have the option to pay for the season up front while keeping your monthly billing the same, or you can pay the difference monthly.  All upgrades have a minimum 6 month commitment.

*Each person/child over 2 years old must be an active member in order to be able to use the pools and facilities.

NAC Indoor Pool

Pool Temperatures: What to Know

In the world of swimming pools, there’s a lot to know. In this quick read we discuss the difference between water & air temperate, plus what the standard should be for an indoor pool.

Learn more about pool water & air temperature below:

Water Temperature —

What temperature is our indoor lap & therapy pool set at?

The pool temperature is based on national standards for swimming. Our Therapy Pool is set at 92° F for physical therapy and children under 5. Our Lap Pool is set at 82° F for a balance between competitive swimming/fitness, recreational swimming and youth instructional classes.

What is the standard temperature of most swimming pools?

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the standard temperature of a swimming pool varies.

  • Competitive swimming and diving, including training and fitness swimming: 77°-82°F
  • Recreational swimming: 82° F
  • Youth instructional classes: 84°-89°F
  • Preschool/infant and therapy (5 and under): 90°-93°F
  • Spas (hot tubs): under 104°F

How do I find out what the pool temperature is currently at?

The Lap Pool has a floating thermometer tied to the railing half way down the ramp for quick reference. The Therapy Pool has a thermometer sitting in the skimmer basket in the deep end for quick reference.

Please note: 1° to 2° fluctuations throughout the day due to refilling will occur.

Air Temperature — 

Who sets the standard for the temperature in which the air in the pool area should be?

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has guidelines for air temperature of indoor swimming facilities which we follow. Indoor pools must control the amount of relative humidity for the comfort of the users and visitors, and also for the protection of the building and equipment.

What temperature should the air in the pool area be?

The indoor air temperature should be kept between 2° and 5°F above the pool water temperature. The relative humidity should be maintained between 40% and 60%, which will increase comfort and reduce the amount of evaporation.

What temperature is the air in our indoor pool?

 Our air temperature is set at 84°F and our relative humidity is set at 55%. Slight fluctuations throughout the seasons will occur.

At the NAC indoor pool, we offer a variety of group exercise classes, AquaHab physical therapy, swim lessons, youth swim team & more. Interested in learning more about our programs in the indoor pool? Click here to learn more or fill out the form below!

Our Old Locker Rooms vs. our NEW Locker Rooms

A comparison of our current locker rooms to our new locker rooms: the Evolution of locker room luxury and style!

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Newtown Discovery Preschool students have access to the Newtown Athletic Club

All Newtown Discovery Preschool students have FULL access to the Newtown Athletic Club during their school days. Includes children’s yoga, gymnastics, dance, kids fitness & more! Located in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

NAC Parties Nerf Birthday

Birthday Party Trends to Follow

It’s an exciting year in parties & events! After following the party trends of the new year, we are happy to share with you all the new party themes coming to our department.

New this year in parties – we are diving into aerial yoga, Fortnite and Lego-themed birthday parties! Learn more about these party types & what we are excited about most:

Aerial Yoga Parties

Ever wondered what it would be like to float on a cloud, or soar through the air? After spending the first few minutes of your party getting comfortable in the silk hammocks, you’ll get to fly, spin, rotate and float through your birthday celebration!

Good news! This party is totally beginner friendly too.

Lego Parties

Each year, they’ve begged for a Lego party, but you’re not sure where to start. Here at NAC Parties – we got you covered! During this party, the little builders will discover, explore, and be entertained by a variety of Lego themed activities & games.

Fortnite-Nerf Parties

This is the year to take your birthday party to the next level with a Fortnite-Nerf themed birthday party! This trendy party theme is hitting the birthday scene with some fun additions all your party guests will love.

At your party, expect specialty-timed supply drops during your Nerf battle and Fortnite-themed cake with Slurp Juice! Come prepared to battle by dressing up as your favorite Fortnite character too.

For the latest party trends, be sure to check out our 2019 e-book!

In our e-book we share 9 new birthday party trends that children and adults of all ages will enjoy. From decor to activities & more… these trends are suitable for all ages. Don’t plan your next birthday celebration without checking out what’s up & coming in the new year!

To book your next birthday celebration, contact NAC Parties at or fill out the form below!

Expansion Project Update & Walk Through with NAC Owner

We know you’re wondering what’s been going on inside there – so here it is: a detailed walk-through of the Newtown Athletic Club’s largest & most comprehensive expansion & renovation project yet.

As a global leader in the fitness industry, the NAC, located in Newtown, PA is elevating the member experience with brand new boutique group fitness studios, two dedicated yoga studios including a hot yoga studio, a HIIT cardio and weight training studio better known as Six Zone Training studio, which is a HIIT program that was developed by the NAC, dedicated pilates studio, brand new spa locker rooms & more.

All group fitness classes are included in your NAC membership. Now’s the time to take a group fitness class with us!

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Team Member Highlight: Rob DeGeorge

How well do you know the NAC staff? This week, we want to introduce you to our new Parties & Events Director, Rob DeGeorge!

“Originally hailing from the Pocono Mountains (Camelback), I’m been working in the Recreation/Hospitality field for 20 years now!  Been a Director of Recreation for a number of Resorts and Private Homeowners Association over the years so I certainly know how to have a good time, laugh and throw a party!   In my free time, I love spending time with my spoiled 12 year beagle, my beautiful girlfriend plus I am a huge baseball and football fan.  Yes, I am even one of those die hard fantasy people as well!  If you are looking to schedule a fun, hip and memorable party,  I’m your guy!” -Rob


Learn more about Rob:

What are you looking forward to most in your new position?  

100% seeing every person who has a party or private event here enjoy themselves and what the NAC has to offer!

If you won the lottery, what would you do?  

Excellent question!  I guess it depends on how much I would win, but I would certainly love to travel those once in a lifetime destinations that everyone must do.  Places like Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc.

What is a skill you would like to learn and why?  

Not going to lie…I always wished I had the coordination to play tennis!  Growing up playing baseball, I did awesome job of hitting the ball over the net, but I also hit it over the fence as well! I wish I also had the talent to either sing, play a musical instrument or draw!

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

This is easy…I love me some chocolate!  Put anything chocolate in front of me, and I have no restraint whatsoever!

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

Brownie Point Alert…..Being the new Parties and Events Director here at the NAC!

What are 3 places on your bucket list? 

Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand (what can I say…I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan!)

If you have a birthday coming up or event to celebrate, Rob is your guy! To learn more or book a party, contact Rob DeGeorge at or 215.968.0600 x124.

Learn more about NAC Parties.

International IHRSA Board names Worthington Chairman

Press Release March 28, 2018

NAC Owner, Jim Worthington, elected Chairman of the largest fitness trade association in the world.

International IHRSA Board names Worthington Chairman

Newtown, PA, March 27, 2018:  Jim Worthington, the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association) on Friday, March 24, 2018 in San Diego, CA.  The election took place at the 2018 IHRSA International Conference where education, networking and the largest fitness equipment trade show in the world are provided for 10,000 clubs representing 90 countries.

During his tenure as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Worthington will be responsible for leading the largest fitness trade association in the world to become the solution for the global obesity crisis as well as to protect, promote and grow the fitness industry.  His vision and leadership will help to shape the direction of fitness and wellness worldwide during a time when the world is beginning to recognize that “Exercise is Medicine” is having a positive effect on almost every disease state as well as preventing many diseases from ever developing.

Mr. Worthington comments, “I am honored and humbled to have the privilege to serve the industry that I have been passionate about for 40 years in this way.  There comes a time in every man’s life when his actions are driven more by legacy than ambition.  I will do my best to make a mark in the industry that has lasting effects to propel us towards the ultimate goal of making fitness and wellness more available to everyone in the world.”

This honor coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the Newtown Athletic Club (1978 – 2018).  This milestone will be celebrated all year long with many events and acknowledgements of long term members and employees.  Established as a 15,000 square foot racquetball club on 3 acres in 1978, the NAC has grown into a globally recognized 250,000 square foot lifestyle club on 25 acres.  A pioneer in many facets of fitness and wellness, Mr. Worthington’s vision and the dedication of the entire NAC team have brought the NAC to this pinnacle of international recognition.

About Newtown Athletic Club:   Newtown Athletic Club, one of the largest individually owned health clubs in the nation, is a full service, multi-recreational health and fitness complex whose mission is “Making lives better by creating the ultimate recreational, social and healthy lifestyle experience”.  As a leader in the global industry, the NAC is an award-winning facility both nationally and internationally with a strong commitment to local and national ties in the community as not only a provider of services, but also as a supporter of charitable activities and services that depend on donations and support.  The NAC, a true lifestyle club, is proud to offer the best in services, programs and facilities in a 250,000 square foot facility on 25-acres in the heart of bucolic Bucks County located at 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940.



Grab a Buddy: Partner Warm Up

There’s no denying that partner workouts are effective in keeping you focused on your goals and in keeping you more likely to exercise.  Partner workouts add intensity, motivation and a sense of community, something we take pride in at the NAC with our GroupFit classes and team training options. Here are a few of our favorite, full-body exercises that hit the upper body, lower body and core in a coordinated movement pattern. Try these warm-up moves with your partner before your workout today!:

1. The Mirror Game

  • Partners face each other and take turns leading basic cardio floor exercises&mdashside steps, hamstring curls, jumping jacks, knee lifts, jogging in place, squats, etc.—for 2 minutes.
  • Switch every 20 seconds and keep people moving.
  • Focus on proper form!

2. Patty-Cake Lateral Lunges

  • Partners stand side by side and perform a rocking lateral lunge away from each other.
  • A wide stance ensures knees stay behind toes, with external hip rotation.
  • Reach opposite hand toward knee, then toward partner, twisting trunk to give partner a high-five.
  • Perform 8–16 reps; switch sides by jogging around or hopping to face back.

3. Plié Squat Pass (Lateral)

  • Partners stand back to back in wide plié stance with one light to moderate-weight medicine ball.
  • Partner A holds ball between waist and chest level and twists left to pass ball.
  • Partner B retrieves ball from right.
  • Perform 8–10 reps in each direction to warm up thighs and trunk rotators.
  • Use a moderate tempo (2- or 4-count twists, in each direction) to avoid dizziness.

4. Medicine-Ball Squat Pass (Overhead)

  • Partners stand back to back, a couple of feet apart.
  • Partner A holds a light medicine ball, squats for 2 counts, then rises to stand for 2 counts while pressing ball overhead, reaching back gently to pass ball to partner B.
  • Partner B extends arms overhead, takes ball, and then squats, lifts ball and passes it back.
  • Focus on opening shoulders as you “fire up” back muscles.
  • Have each partner perform 8–10 squats.

Set yourself up for fitness success by teaming up with a group that will help you reach your goals. Interested in team or group training options? We have a team for you! Fill out the form below for more information on all of our awesome teams. We can’t wait to get started!

Working out with a partner or with a coach is extremely beneficial. Being with another person gives you that extra push and will always hold you accountable. Personal trainer Kristen Ramezzana has created a 6-week program in order to help you get ready for the summer! 6 Weeks ‘Til Summer will include:
-Before and after Inbody testing
-Personalized 6-week workout calendar
-One 55-minute group session per week
-2 online workouts per week
-30-minute nutrition consultation with our Registered Dietitian (continued RD services pending on insurance account)
-Recipe e-book

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