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Everything Bagel Toast

Toast for a meal The reality is that the convenience of toast makes it perfect for lunch and dinner on a busy day, too! What you see below boosts protein, healthy fat and veggie content so your nice and satisfied for hours to come. Skip the bagel for a lightened up and more nutrient dense […]

Pre-Workout Fridge Clean Out Toast

If you’ve got 1-2 hours before an intense workout, the combo below will give you the perfect amount of energy without a blood sugar spike and crash. Just grab what you have to use up and add it to your toast! Avocado toast with some pesto mixed in and a few leaves of arugula Coconut […]

Mini Meals for Fitness

So, fitness is a priority for you. You make it to the gym or hit the pavement 3 or more times a week, but because of your schedule, you exercise during what a lot of people would consider dinner time. That 5-7 PM time frame when your body is just exhausted from the day and […]

Collaborative Meal Planning

Content by Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN on her blog. Often, ingredient prep is my go-to so that I feel ready for the week ahead. Lately though, we’ve been so busy with travel and work that either we haven’t been home or I just don’t feel like spending time on Sundays prepping since there’s been a […]

Agua Fresca Sports Drinks

We love this content so much, we are sharing it from Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN blog! Agua frescas are typically light, non-alcoholic drinks made from blending fruit with some sugar and water. While they seem refreshing and delicious in the summer in the heat or after a long run, they could use the […]

Mixed Spring Greens with Beets, Goat Cheese and Nuts

Recipe from Newtown Athletic Club registered dietitian, Lisa James on her website. Root veggies are often thought of during the fall and winter months, however, beets are a perfect late spring, early summer vegetable. They are easy to make, full of flavor and packed with health-promoting phytonutrients! Give this amazing beet salad a go, it’s […]

Yoga Pose: Chair (Utkatasana)

Each month, we highlight one fundamental yoga pose that can help improve your overall practice and understanding. We will break down each pose, show you how to get into it safely, highlight its benefits and offer some pro tips! The yoga pose for April is Chair Pose. Let’s learn the basics: Chair pose, or Utkatasana, […]

Here Comes The Sun

We’re excited for another fun, social and relaxing season outside at the resort – which is included in all memberships! We’ve made a few upgrades over the winter – extended the bar, added more lounge seating & created a covered dining area for rain and shine service. If you wish to adjust your membership to include your […]

7 Ways to Spring into your Workout

Are you getting tired of your normal workout? Your body is probably adjusted to your routine and you may be mentally checked out and need some refreshing ideas! Spring cleaning can be more than just for cleaning out your closet – use it to revamp your workout routine. Here are some ideas you can use […]

Zesty Southwest Soup (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Posted by NAC Registered Dietitian, Kelly Jones on EatRealLiveWell.com While you’re prepping other items for the week (like baking sweet potatoes & roasting veggies in the oven and hard boiling eggs) you can make this big batch of southwest inspired soup with bold and zesty flavors. It’ll carry you through at least two meals for […]