six zone at the nac


Science-based workouts designed for your time, anytime.

Burn 40% more calories than routine workouts in an efficient, coach-inspired, 35-minute HIIT training experience. With new classes starting every 5 minutes, you can train when it works for you.

Unlimited Six Zone, heart-rate based training is included in your one gym membership at the Newtown Athletic Club.

You’ll run faster, lift stronger, work harder and you won’t do it alone in Six Zone, a one of a kind studio located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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How It Works

You’ll spend 5 minutes in each of the 6 zones, which can include any variation and combination of dumb bells, rowers, kettle bells, battle ropes, treadmills, TRX, bosu balls and a few others. All of the equipment is the best of the best available to provide a comprehensive HIIT workout with weight training.

New classes begin every 5 minutes in Six Zone with opening times of 5am-11pm from Monday to Friday, and 6am-11pm on weekends.

Classes are coached during the studio’s busiest times.

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High intensity training
High intensity training

Why It Works

Each heart-rate, science based workout is strength focused with high intensity training and cardio combined.

We provide heart-rate monitors to members and coach you into the appropriate heart rate zone. Each exercise has a specified target heart rate combining short, high-intensity periods of work with recovery zones.

When you put your mind (and heart) to it – you’re destined for results.

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