February’s pose of the month is Svarga Dvijasana, Birds of Paradise. Birds of Paradise is a strong, beautiful pose. Svarga means “paradise” and when we enter this pose we get to experience the depth of paradise while taking the shape of the tropical flower.
    Svarga Dvijasana is a great heart and hip opener. The pose also strengthens the legs and core as well as massaging internal organs while you twist.
    Birds of Paradise is an advanced pose on the mat that requires focus, balance, strength and flexibility. In the air, BOP can be achieved much easier with the assist of the aerial hammock. We can enter the pose either standing or inverted while using the aerial hammock. Although the hammock is assisting you, the practice is still a challenge and more importantly, fun!
Mat Instructions
  • Begin in Warrior II with the right knee bent then come down into Extended Side Angle pose
  • Next you want to create a bind behind the bent knee. Keep the shoulders open and heart towards the sky
  • Once you have a solid foundation with your bind, start to walk the left foot towards the right. When the feet are a little wider then the hips, start to shift the weight to the left foot, engage the core and lift the torso with your right leg still in the bind
  • Open the chest and extend the lifted leg. Engage the muscles across the back, keep the belly tight and keep the heart high. Hold for 5-10 breaths
  • You are now embodying the beauty and grace of the tropical flower. Retrace your steps to come out of the pose safely and switch to the other side

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