Go beyond your typical routine or simply get started on your journey to discovering all the ways to support a healthy lifestyle.

A stronger and healthier you is the goal of each comprehensive fitness program at the Newtown Athletic Club. From one-on-one personal training to private Pilates or group personal training to private yoga instruction, you will set goals with your new confidant in fitness and meet them together.


Personal Training & Group Training Classes

It’s personal, really. It all starts with you.

No matter your training level or program, your needs, interests and goals are the most important part in creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Our training programs consist of: one-on-one personal training, team personal training which consists of 6-8 participants (where the cost of training is shared), yoga or Pilates private training, partner personal training and a boxing program.

At every step, you’re driven by well-developed programs by the industry’s most elite fitness professionals.

certified personal trainer one on one
Personal Training Classes

Certified Personal Trainers

Behind every career personal trainer is a science-backed training program – so, whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, gain flexibility or balance, build strength or feel more confident, we’ll help you get there.

We value the scientific process and apply it to all of our programming. Each certified personal trainer comprises several training qualifications and remains well-versed on the latest fitness education and trends.

Your personalized program isn’t limited to your training days. Coaches can plan with you what to do the other days of the week, such as, studio group exercise class recommendations.

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