Just in time for Holiday Hustle, we’re introducing yet another value add to our members: ZONE MATCH.

What is Zone Match?

The group program, which uses the idea of gamification, lets members follow pre-set training profiles and match their training efforts with the intensities on the screen. At the end of the class users get a percentage score of their match to the training profiles. This will take place on the cardio floor, for when you need that extra boost of motivation!

See it in action here:

Tip: Interval training is one of the most effective fat burning tools. It involves interspersing all-out sprint efforts with slow, active recovery periods. Because the intensity is high, the duration needs to be less. As a result, most interval sessions are around 20-25 minutes, as opposed to steady state aerobic sessions which last for 45 minutes or longer. Our Zone Match classes are all 30 minutes total duration- so you get the most bang for your buck.

The ZONE Match schedule will be released on Monday, December 8th (Day 1 of the Holiday Hustle!)