Each "Zone" consists of: Kettlebells TRX Rowers Battle Ropes Plyo Zone Slam Balls

Non-Stop workouts led by Certified Personal Trainers included in your membership.

SIX ZONE Training is all of the fun tools and resources certified personal trainers are skilled to use will be provided in this continuous, nonstop workout. You will have limitless time, tools and technology to use while training in six different “zones” in five minute intervals.  This means there is no “start” time, class begins every five minutes and you can stay as long or as short as you would like, the options are limitless and so is your success. The best part is that it’s included in your membership to the NAC!

Please note that the last participants will be taken through Six Zone 35 minutes before the end time. See below for a list of reference.

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun Morning 8am-11am (Last session at 10:25am)
Monday & Wednesday Evenings: 5-8pm (Last session at 7:25pm)
Tuesday & Thursday Morning: 6:30am-11am (Last session at 10:25am)
Tuesday & Thursday Afternoon: 12pm-1:30pm (Last session at 12:55pm)

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