Yoga Classes at the NAC

Yoga classes are included in your NAC membership.

The mind body program at our premier facility provides traditional and current Yoga practices and teachings for our members to inspire and promote health and well-being. For anyone looking for strength and flexibility or releasing stress and healing we believe yoga is for every-body.

We are here to support and empower each and everyone’s personal growth to health and well being wherever you may be on your journey.

Types of Yoga Practiced at the Newtown Athletic Club

Basics & Foundation

Basics – Start you practice with a strong foundation. Learn fundamental poses, breath-work and alignment. Appropriate for beginners, anyone looking to strengthen their practice and those with injuries that may need modifications.

Break A Sweat

Vinyasa Flow
Connect your mind and body by linking your breath and poses to create a progressive flow. Breath to movement awareness emphasizes safe alignment to keep joints stable and muscles working in order to strengthen andincrease flexibility.

Power Hour
Powerful Vinyasa practice inspired by Ashtanga yoga, a more vigorous style of yoga that will leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day. Move through various poses while linking your breath with each movement. This class will challenge students to strengthen the body while improving balance and alignment. This class moves quickly and prior experience is recommended.

Core Yoga
An energetic, alignment-focused practice seamlessly blending traditional yoga poses with functional fitness core movements to benefit the whole body. Receive the calorie burning benefits of cardio, the flexibility and balance of yoga and build core strength. Leaves you feeling like you had a workout and with a peaceful state of mind.

Hot Yoga – Class is heated to 95 degrees to allow the body to open and sweat. Explore more challenging postures and increased flexibility. Prior yoga experience suggested.

Ashtanga Yoga – Move through the entire Ashanga Yoga sequence in this class dedicated to heating your internal fire to detox and purify the body. Many vinyasas linked with the breath tone the body and build core strength. Prior yoga experience suggested.

Mixed Level Yoga – A more traditional yoga practice that moves from standing to floor work through sun salutations. Balance and perhaps some more challenging poses incorporated. All Levels welcome.

Restore & Relax

Restorative Yoga – Achieve ultimate well-being using a blend of various styles of yoga and breathing techniques using props. Yoga straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets and sand bags are used throughout the session to enable the stretch to become deeper along with the breath training to bring strength and flexibility to body-mind. Modifications are offered as appropriate to accommodate students of all ages and abilities.

Stress Reduction -Relax, unwind and take your mind to another level. This mind body class incorporates breathing techniques, visualization, postures, reiki and stretching. Experience inner peace and find your calm no matter how hectic your lifestyle is. Stay for the Meditation part or just de-stress for the half hour.

Mindfulness Meditation & Restorative Yoga– Yoga mindfulness is the awareness that rises from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment. Experience the benefits of meditation and restoration, taking what you learn on your mat into your daily life.

Aerial Yoga – Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze” (called a “sling”) suspended at waist height. Enjoy a class of relaxation and deep meditation exploring an inner sanctuary releasing all pressure off joints using harmonics and deeply massaging your lymphatic system using acupuncture assets of the silks.

Pre & Post Natal

Pre & Post Natal Workshop – A safe and supportive practice for mom’s to be and new moms. Relieve pregnancy aches and pains, prepare for birth physically and mentally with postures, breath work and discussion. Meet other moms in the community who are sharing a similar experience.

Drink lots of water, eat light at least an hour before you come try and arrive 15 min early to set up your silk. Please wear long pants and no tank tops. 12 silks are available and must be reserved on the app or website.

Please take at least 5 basic level one classes before moving forward into higher levels for more elaborate inversions.

Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Starting January 2020
11 weekends from January to June
Yoga Alliance Nationally Certified
Led by Elle and Christina Kaplan of TrueYoga.

$3,200 – Early Action special
Pay in full by November 15, 2019

$3,500 – Regular Registration
Full membership of the NAC during the training.
January 3, 2020-June 7, 2020
Fridays 6-9, Saturdays 12-6, Sundays 12-6
The schedule is in aligned with the Council Rock school schedule and mindful of holidays.

Training Description: This extensive 200hr. Yoga Alliance nationally certified Teacher Training integrates the multifaceted approach to yoga theory (both traditional and modern) to deepen your understanding of Yoga and the many benefits of the practice to become strong, stretched and centered in your everyday life. Whether your intention is to teach yoga or simply deepen your personal practice, this program is designed to guide students through a journey of self-discovery byways of the body, mind and spirit. Here is an opportunity to learn how to be present, connected, confident and awake.

Training Includes:
Asana (poses) and Assists
Trauma-Informed Yoga
Accessible Yoga for Everyone
Yoga for Athletes
Myofascial Release
Yin Yoga
Mindfulness, Meditation and More
Kids Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training Biography: Elle Kaplan, E-RYT500 (experienced-registered yoga teacher with 500hr+ training). Elle has been leading Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Classes, Events and Private Teaching for the past 18 years.

Christina Lucine Kaplan is deeply inspired by the magical works of the body, mind, spirit and how our somatic intelligence informs our daily lives. She began teaching yoga in 2014 and has continued to expand her teachings across the states and overseas. Her extensive yoga studies resume includes: 200-hour YogaWorks Teacher Training; Reiki Master with Rainbows of Healing; Ashtanga Yoga 50-hour Teacher Training with David Swenson; Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release 100-hour Teacher Training with Samdhana Yoga; Leadership Training with Off the Mat, Into the World; in addition to countless trainings/intensives with her most influential teacher, Seane Corn. Christina’s higher education continues at Naropa University in Boulder, Co in the Interdisciplinary Studies program with concentrations in Peace Studies, Visual Art, and Yoga. Today, Christina teaches classes, workshops, facilitates yoga teacher trainings and retreats around the U.S.

To learn more, contact Elle, at email:

Group exercise classes are included in your NAC membership

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