We offer amenities and programming for all ages that are designed to keep your family active, social and in touch with a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Newtown Athletic Club’s children’s programs are designed to welcome children ages 1-12 to a fun and enriching environment to explore their new and existing interests. Each season we celebrate improvements and then transition into the next 11 weeks of classes.

With a dedicated team of professionals and youth specific complex, we offer our littlest community members the appropriate spaces to pursue their passions in kids fitness, dance, gymnastics, yoga, cheer leading, taekwondo, cooking and science exploration.

Our multilevel approach provides both recreational and competitive programming in specific areas.


Class Types

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs incorporating strength, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, endurance and discipline.

Shy or bold, children benefit from beginning their own practice and learning how to move their bodies.

Whether they choose to do recreational gymnastics or join our non-competitive exhibition team, the skills and dedication learned from gymnastics will benefit a child’s overall development.

While recreational classes are fitting for anyone, the exhibition team requires more practice hours and year-round commitment.

Creative classes will challenge and inspire your children. Each recreational program encourages your child to make happy memories with like-minded peers.

Kids fitness, known as “KidFit,” classes range from sports like soccer, basketball and football, to other fitness options like dance, Zumba and yoga.

We encourage kids to be unique and lead by example in classes like “Bon-Appefit,” where children will learn about the nutrition plate and how healthy foods will fuel their body. They will create, prepare and sample nutrition food choices.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that teaches more than just physical skills.

This art form is a discipline, which points at ways to enhance a child’s spirit and life through training both body and mind.

By introducing your child to this mind and body connection while they are young, they are able to grow with the awareness of how to create unity within themselves. Taekwondo applies this unity by synchronizing your child’s mind with their movements while extending this principle to their everyday life.

Many martial arts go beyond the simplicity of self-defense. With harmonious growth, Taekwondo is a way of life, enabling your child to see & lead a more valuable life.

Studies find that dancing comes naturally to infants. To the young child, verbal language and movement are entwined. Children develop enhanced sensory awareness, cognition and consciousness through dance and movement.

Our recreational dance classes typically run in 11-week sessions and serve as a general introduction into the dance class setting. These dance classes range from mommy-and-me to more independent settings.

Our studio dance classes are organized as a typical dance studio season, beginning in September and concluding with a recital in May. These classes begin at age 3, and ultimately require a consistent, full-year commitment from those who wish to participate in the recital or wish for a steadier development.

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