What is Youth Programming at the NAC?
The Youth Plex is designed to offer both noncompetitive and competitive programs for children ages 1 through 12.  Programs are designed to appeal to all children with their individual interests in mind.  Our goal is for every child to feel welcome in a safe place where he/she can participate in an activity where they are comfortable enough to be themselves.

What type of Youth Program classes are offered?
Gymnastics, Dance, Taekwondo, KidFit (general kid’s fitness) & season specialty classes, for example this fall we have:

Bon-Appefit, children will learn about the nutrition plate and how healthy foods will fuel their body. They will create, prepare and sample nutrition food choices.

Ninja-nastics, children will acquire a better understanding of their body’s movement through obstacle, parkour and gymnastics.

Brains & brawn, challenge class where kids will face challenges using their minds and their muscles with new challenges each week.

Jump around, using everything from jump ropes to trampolines, children will participate in activities that will keep them bouncing off the walls.. safely!

.. just to name a few!

When does enrollment/registration happen?
Four seasonal sessions are offered throughout the year beginning in the Fall of each year – fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. Fall, Winter & Spring sessions last about 11 weeks, and Summer session runs 8 weeks. Each session will offer your child the opportunity to try something new or continue to grow in a program they currently enjoy.  There is a brief break between each session during which registration will take place.

How do I enroll my child in Youth Program classes?
We hold a youth registration for each session. Members registration is held 2 weeks prior to the upcoming session start date. NAC members are able to register for classes at the Program Desk or online. Non-member registration is held one week prior to the session start date and enrollment must be done in person at the Program Desk at the NAC.

Do I need a certain type of NAC membership for my child to participate in youth programs?
To achieve the best value, the “plus programs” option is recommended for children participating in classes.

Is there a fee to enroll in classes?
Any membership with the “plus programs” option, allows each child to participate in 3 classes each session with only a $5.00 registration fee per class.  A child may take up to two classes in each program area along with a third class in an additional program area.  Three classes in any one area is prohibited at the $5.00 registration rate.  A member without the “plus programs” option, may take any class at the non-member rate.  No refunds are given, however transfers are offered to other classes or programs.  Additional fees may apply depending on the program.

Can non-members participate in youth classes?
Non-members are welcome to join any class with the corresponding fee for that program area.

Does a non-member enroll differently than a member?
Non-members must enroll in person at the program desk.  Telephone registrations are not excepted.

Taekwondo, Studio Dance, Gymnastics Exhibition are year round programs that require registration during the fall session.  We have rolling enrollment for these classes.  Evaluations are necessary for Exhibition.

Attendance Policy:  2 consecutive missed classes without notification, will result in disenrollment from the class.  Make up classes will ONLY be offered when a doctor’s note is provided.  Please report absences to attendance@newtownathletic.com.

Diaper Guideline:  Any child still in a diaper, must have an adult on the third floor throughout class.  Children in diapers will not be transported from Kid’s Club without an adult present.

*Children under 8 years of age need to have an adult in the building at all times.

*While we understand that you enjoy observing your children in class, please do not interfere with an instructor at any time during a class.  Time after class is available for discussion.  For the safety of our children, they will only be released to adults or transported back to Kid’s Club.

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