Each month, we highlight one fundamental yoga pose that can help improve your overall practice. We will break down each pose, show you how to get into it safely, highlight its benefits and offer some pro tips! The yoga pose of February is Warrior II.
Let’s learn the basics:
Virabhadrasana II, otherwise known as Warrior II is a basic pose found in many practices. The warrior is strong, centered, and fierce. Unlike other warrior poses (Warrior I and Warrior III) the practitioner’s hips are externally rotated, symbolizing a sense of vulnerability and openness.
With arms striking like lightning behind to the past and forward to the future with the gaze, this warrior is also balanced in the state of the present. Warrior II destructs the narrative of our past with ease and clears the way for our future endeavors. We can use this embodiment to symbolically claim our power back by releasing what has blocked our ability to move forward and create the future we desire while focusing on our breath; centered, stable, and empowered in the vulnerable present moment.
Let’s get into pose:
  1. Step your feet wide on either end of the mat
  2. Turn your front foot so your toes face forward and back foot perpendicular
    -Your feet line up front heel to back arch
    -Feet are flat, back pinky toe presses into the mat
  3. Front knee bends so it is directly over the ankle without compensating the integrity of the knee joint
    -You should be able to see your front big toe, knee points toward the second and third toe
    -Knee does not go beyond the ankle
  4. Arms raise to the height of the shoulders directing straight forward and back
    – Flat hands, palms face down, shoulders relax
  5. Gaze is over the front fingertips
  6. Explore the balance between “effort and ease”
  7. Hold for 5-8 breaths and switch sides

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