Always be sure to warm up and cool down and do not forget your MYZONE belt! This is a full body strength workout that will keep you in the steady state zones of blue and green but there is at least one exercise in each circuit that is meant to elevate the heart rate, getting you into the yellow or red zones.

This workout consists of three circuits that will be performed two times each for 8-15 repetitions. When it comes to using your MYZONE heart rate monitor, it is important to spend time in each color zone for an efficient workout.

2 rounds:
– Reverse Lunge with Overhead Kettlebell x 8-15 reps
– Start from knees, Step-up to Squat Box Jump (with Kettlebell) x 8-15 reps
– Kettlebell Squat to Press x 8-15 reps

2 rounds:
– TRX Triceps x 8-15 reps
– TRX Pistol Squats x 8-15 reps
– Single Leg Deadlift to knee drive with Kettlebell x 8-15 reps

2 rounds:
– Queenax Ab Rollout x 8-15 reps
– TRX Pike-to-Tuck x 8-15 reps
– Overhead Slam Ball on Knees x 8-15 reps

Yellow and red are high intensity zones and blue and green zones are great for longer duration steady state exercise as well as for a recovery day. This particular workout should get you into each color zone but may leave you in the blue and green zones the longest due to the strength focus.

When solely performing high intensity interval training (HIIT) or just longer duration cardiovascular exercise, you could experience overtraining or even boredom. When you exercise in all color zones and add variety to your workouts throughout the week, it keeps exercise sustainable and enjoyable!

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