Have you been experiencing knee pain? The source of your pain may lie in your hips.

People who have knee pain likely have a hip weakness which is a cause or contributing factor to their knee issues. Knees and hips have a close biomechanical relationship and when hip strength is impaired in the gluteus medius and maximus, this relationship is affected and there is increased strain through the knee joint. It has been found that prescribed hip strengthening exercises combined with stretching are a useful technique to improve knee pain symptoms.

Vice versa, if knee pain goes unaddressed and you continue to push through the pain you can end up compensating your gait, squat, or running mechanics. Through your movement dysfunction, you can consequently develop hip pain, especially if you already have a pre-existing hip weakness.

If you are suffering from knee or hip pain and think that you might benefit from physical therapy to address your symptoms, you can stop inside the Aquahab Physical Therapy Clinic located across from the indoor pool for a scheduled 15-minute screen free of charge.

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