We want to keep making Six Zone even better for our members! Still six zones. Still six minutes in each. Just less wait time!

We are excited to tell you that we are expanding each zone to accommodate 8 participants!

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*It’s included in your membership

“Just did my 2nd 6 zone session & loved it! The exercises were different than the 1st time so I know I’m getting lots of variety. It’s fast, challenging & a great way to get my cardio in along with a full body workout. I love that there’s always room for me & it’s ready when I am!”

Randee Cahan, Member Since ’89

“I love the Six Zone workout! It is the most efficient use of my time. The trainers are very helpful and bring a lot of energy to the experience. It has the feel and support of a group program but you can work at your own pace. I look forward to this workout!”

– Megan Christensen, Member Since ’10

I love the Six Zone workout! I can get an amazing workout in under 40 minutes. All of the exercises can be modified to accommodate any issues you may have. The instructors are great- and keep the energy in the room high. It’s nice to see people from all different fitness levels working together and encouraging each other.

– Mary Alexis, Member Since ’12

“I am a member and  I have competed the Six Zone work out several times now. I can’t say enough good things about it.
-It’s well run.  With the work out changing every few days.
-It’s a complete work out including cardio and hitting all body parts.
-The staff are all fantastic. Knowledgeable and enthusiast.
-There is an amazing time saving element. You show up and you start within 5 minutes.
-It can be as long or as short as you want it to be. The entire Six Zones takes under 40 minutes. So if you have the time and energy you can go around twice.
-It utilizes all the newest fitness equipment that the industry has to offer.
-Anything can be modified to fit everyone’s level of fitness.”

– Maria Ralff, Member Since ’02

“The Six Zone area offers a great work out! I loved the variety of exercises that gave a full body plus cardio work out! Trainers make sure your form is correct and other members kept me motivated with their energetic participation. I am so happy I found my new 2015 work out!”
– Jane Hamer, Member Since ’08