This Saturday, September 19, gymnasts around America celebrated the 17th annual National Gymnastics Day. This day is celebrated by gymnasts, coaches, family and friends to raise awareness of the sport and to help athletes in financial need.

The Newtown Gymnastics Club Team was excited to join in the celebration this year. Team gymnasts gathered for a fun sleepover on Saturday night, including open gym time, pillow decorating, night swimming, and more! This sleepover was a great way for the team to spend time together having fun outside of regular practices.

For our National Gymnastics Day celebration, gymnasts at the sleepover filled out cards with their favorite thing about gymnastics. Check out what our gymnasts said!

My favorite thing about gymnastics is…

…playing on the bars, meeting new friends, and my coaches.

…learning and trying new things that you’ve never tried before.

…having a fun time with my friends.

…learning new skills.

…trying new things! :)

…having fun trying new things and challenging myself.


…gymnastics sleepovers at the NAC.

…having fun!

…doing fly aways

…being my best

…doing flips

…doing awesome skills

…being crazy :)

…playing on the bars

…tumbling, bars, and beam

…free play

…trying new things (sometimes) perfecting skills. Round off handspring tuck!

…learning about back handsprings and other things in the world

…my teachers and doing skills and learning skills


What is your favorite thing about gymnastics?