Parisi Speed School specializes in athlete training of all ages and skill levels, including professional athletes. A number of NFL players utilize Parisi at the NAC during their offseason training because of our highly skilled trainers and unique facilities.

Detailed below are some of the drills and exercises that Trainer Doug Sharp leads each player through. Players featured in the article are:

Quron Pratt, Philadelphia Eagles, WR

Kendall Gaskins, San Francisco 49ers, RB

Harold Spears, Green Bay Packers, TE

Nafeese Nasir, high school top prospect


Thursday, July 16, 2015– Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Quron Pratt joined Gaskins, Spears, and Nasir in Parisi training on Thursday. The work out included drills that focused on acceleration, lower and upper body pull strength, first step quickness and reaction time.

Focusing on lower body pull strength, Gaskins pulls a sled with weight while Nasir balances on the bosu doing ropes. Click here to see!

Ball drops- first step quickness and reaction time. The goal is to catch the ball before the second bounce. Click here to see Gaskins doing this drill.


For power, Pratt back squats then comes up on his toes.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015– This morning in a group session, Gaskins, Spears and Nassir each worked on change of direction with side shuffles, side runs and sprints, followed by upper body strength training. Pictured below are all three athletes preparing to sprint 5 yards to the left utilizing the hockey stop to quickly shift their body weight to sprint back to the right.


Closest to front, to back: Harold Spears, Kendall Gaskins, Nafeese Nasir.


Utilizing the hockey stop to quickly shift their body weight to sprint back to the right.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015–  Sharp worked with NFL San Francisco 49ers running back, Kendall Gaskins on acceleration and lower body explosive power. Gaskins is pictured here doing a drilled called Speed Skater, then bursting into a 10 yard sprint. Speed Skater focuses on lateral explosiveness in addition to first step quickness by adding the 10 yard sprint.

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Meet the trainer:


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