Parisi trained athlete, Tobin Heath, a FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion!!

For all you sport fans out there it has been an exciting month for the soccer community, especially in America, and around the world! Over the last 30 days, the U.S. Women’s National Team competed against the world’s top talent, striving for their third World Cup Title. Amongst the team is Parisi trained athlete, Tobin Heath. Heath played a key role on the USWNT this World Cup, scoring goal #5 in the historic victory over Japan in the world cup final.

Tobin Heath began training with Parisi Speed School back in high school with Steve Leo, the current Director of Training for the entire Parisi network. Heath credits Steve and Parisi for teaching her proper techniques that encouraged her to become faster, stronger and more explosive.

“I know Steve is one of the best,” says Heath in a Facebook post acknowledging Steve amongst the best she’s worked with in strength and conditioning.

Steve worked with and trained the Parisi coaches here at the NAC in January where new and tenured coaches sharpened their skills. All of the coaches were either certified for the first time or recertified by Parisi Speed School. 10342003_743348995846_3339534749728437287_n

Pictured NAC Parisi staff with Steve Leo and Casey Lee.

“I began training with Steve when I was in high school. He taught me the proper techniques that encouraged me to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. As my career developed and I became older he continued to train me to become a better athlete. My training with Steve has always been purposeful and specific. Whether it was training every week in high school, training during my breaks in college, or during my breaks with the national or club team we always had a plan. Every session was focused on a specific need. And every session was adapted to fit what I personally needed as an athlete at that time. I would absolutely recommend Steve. I have been blessed to have worked with some of the finest strength and conditioning coaches and I know that Steve is one of the best. If you have dreams of becoming an elite athlete he can help you get there physically. He knows the physical demands of the highest caliber athletes and knows how to implement the proper training programs to allow athletes to maximize their abilities. All the best!” – Tobin, USA Soccer WNT

Parisi speed school is working with athletes and future athletes in more than 85 locations in about 30 different states.


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