Introducing the NAC’s newest personal trainer, Tim Cook!

Why is the dog face Tim’s favorite emoji: because I would take my beagle and husky everywhere with me if I could

About Tim:

Tim has been involved in physical fitness throughout his whole life. He achieved his degree in Kinesiology at the California State University, Fullerton where he was also a varsity athlete as a member of the baseball team. It was during that time that Tim decided he wanted to remain involved in the fitness industry. Specifically, he knew he wanted to help people achieve their goals.

Tim specializes in TRX and corrective exercise. His favorite exercise is TRX push-ups .. so don’t be surprised when they show up in your training sessions with Tim!

Despite the fact that his favorite teams include the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, Tim enjoys spending time in Philadelphia. When Tim isn’t personal training he enjoys being outdoors, hiking with his dogs, fishing and camping.


A message from Tim: Whether you have large goals of competing in a triathlon or just want to be move active and healthy; I want to help you reach those goals!

I look forward to meeting you!

Train with Tim Cook

Ruth Green, “Grandma, you inspired me. I’ll run a triathlon with you”

Meet Ruth Green, NAC Inspiration and long time member who has inspired so many with her amazing accomplishments. Ruth competed in her first triathlon and has no plan on stopping now- in fact, she’s running another next week!

Ruth shares with us what she does behind the scenes with NAC trainer, Kelly Poinsette, and how she became a triathlon competitor!

I started this journey shortly after I moved here from Chicago. My son and I bought an old farmhouse and we (my daughter-in-law and grand children too) are in the process of renovating it. Well, my son goes to work every day, my daughter-in-law has her own business and my grandchildren have their schools. I’m a retired teacher and I was at home by myself. I needed something to do and some place to go where I could be active and talk to people. So, I joined the NAC. I started with the TechnoGym and then took advantage of the free Live Fit session with a personal trainer. Melissa thought that Kelly would be the right one. Wow, was she right!


Ruth jumped in and out of the agility latter with her body lowered in a squat position.

Kelly is the BEST because she understood where I was at the beginning and had me do a lot of different exercises and activities to get me started and feeling good about it. She has pushed and encouraged me for about two years now. She’s always saying something like: “Good job!”, “I like the way you did that” and “I’m proud of you.” Kelly has pushed me to do things I never thought I’d do with weights, TRX and, best of all, my own boxing gloves! She calls me “Boxing Grandma!”

Another important thing Kelly had me do was keep a food journal. When you know someone else is reading what you eat, you certainly think twice about what you eat! She always explains and demonstrates as we go along. She’s also considerate and funny. We’ve done things outside the NAC too – a couple of outdoor walks, lunch and dinner. It meant a lot to me that Kelly was there when I finished the triathlon. She is the BEST and I certainly recommend her.

In addition to my twice-a-week training with Kelly, I’ve been doing 2-3 Forever Fit classes every week with Leyla Ghazzouli. On Monday, there is the step class; on Wednesday, the cardio/strength class; and on Friday, the Zumba class or the water aerobics class. Leyla has always been very supportive, enthusiastic, and considerate- fun, too!


Ruth’s personal training session with Kelly.


I’ve thought for a while that triathlons looked like fun. I mentioned this to Kelly, and about two days later SHE found one for me! I signed up and we began a special running program as that was the event where I needed most help. That was a four week program and was perfect timing for the triathlon. I’d been swimming 32 lengths for quite awhile so that was the easiest part. I also rode the stationery bike for 5 or more miles, as well as riding my own bike at home.

At the end of the triathlon I finished with tears in my eyes because I DID IT! My family and Kelly were there with hugs and congratulations. Then I got the triathlon medal- what a feeling! My son said, “That’s the feeling that makes you want to do another one.”

Not only have I learned to eat better, and I’m in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in, but I’ve lost 25 pounds and 3-4 jean sizes! The fun part is that I can go shopping and get a whole new wardrobe!

After I finished the triathlon last week, my granddaughter, who is a complete coach potato, said “Grandma, you inspired me, I’ll do a triathlon with you.”

We, including my grandson, have signed up to do a triathlon next week.

It’s been an unbelievable journey- one I never even considered, but all the hard work has given me a different view of me – and I like it!

I’ll keep going!

Ruth Green


Ruth & Kelly after Ruth crossed the finish line!

Interested in learning which NAC trainer may be best for you?

7 Reasons to Buy Local Food

Do you know how local food benefits your long term health?  Join Kelly, NAC R.D., as she goes into detail about the following seven reasons to buy locally!

1. It is more fresh and tastes better!

2. The produce is more nutritious

3. The raising of animal is more humane

4. It supports the future of farming

5. Eating local is better for your local economy

6. It supports even better air quality and lowers pollution more than just eating organic

7. Local food translates to more variety

To find out more about local farms, farmers markets and CSA’s, (Community Supported Agriculture) check out

Or, you can sign up for a CSA farm share with Snipe’s local farm and pick up right at the NAC each week! A farm share means that you pay ahead to reserve your vegetables, fruits and/or eggs and pick up your share of the harvest each week. Contact to reserve your share so you can get your produce post-workout!

Check it out for yourself!

What: #NACTalk    Where: Escape   When: May 28th 6-7pm  

Following her talk, you can sample some of Snipe’s farms vegetables prepared by our own NAC chef, Patrick, so that you know what to do with the swiss chard, leeks and arugula that will be coming in the first share on June 4.  RSVP with member experience or email  Have non-NAC members that you think would like to join? RSVP them too! This is a community event.



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