At home with your family the next few weeks? If you’re looking for activities to keep your family active & engaged during this difficult time, we’re here to help! Here are 30 fun, easy and cheap activities for kids, to keep them (and you!) entertained while at home.
  1. Play little chefs in the kitchen – cook with your little ones so they can learn how to prep the foods they love + possibly discover something new! Try these recipes>>
  2. Family bike ride – around the neighborhood or make a mini course in the backyard
  3. Tie dye – because who doesn’t love to make art? Gather all your white shoes, shirts & socks to give them a pop of color
  4. “Send” your kids to marine biology camp – hang out online with the experts and talk about whales, dolphins and other marine life… for free! Here’s how>>
  5. Picnic in the backyard – grab some blankets & pack your favorite lunch for a mini-adventure close to home
  6. Family yoga – fitness & fun… all in one!
  7. Family scrapbook – a creative and unique way to get crafty & hold onto your favorite family memories
  8. Plant some seeds or build a garden – the perfect outdoor activity for a sunny spring day!
  9. Make mud pies & jump in puddles – because we all need rainy day activities, too!
  10. Go bird watching – and then come home and make a birdhouse for your new little friends
  11. Create mega hopscotch – outside in your driveway or on the sidewalk, this activity is great for reinforcing math skills. Benefits of playing with sidewalk chalk>>
  12. Go on a nature scavenger hunt – in the yard or at a local park
  13. Collect different types of rocks, flowers & leaves – start a collection, Google them, graph how many you have of each type + paint them or dry them out to put in a frame.
  14. Listen to kid-friendly podcasts – try ‘Wow in the World’ (science), ‘The Past and the Curious,’ ‘What if World’ (silly stories), and ‘Noodle Loaf.’
  15. Watch Brainchild on Netflix – from germs and emotions to social media and more, it’s the science of our work explained in a way that is relatable to kids! Watch here>>
  16. Play balloon ball – kill some time by hitting balloons back and forth with hands or rackets + create your own rules!
  17. Take turns telling a silly story – each person adds a sentence to make it really interesting!
  18. Make a mini city out of cardboard boxes – cut and glue cardboard boxes together to make buildings + paint them
  19. Macaroni necklaces – thread macaroni on yarn to make a necklace + paint it
  20. Break out the Play-Doh – Children can use squishy good stuff to make whatever they want! Encourage them to make a sculpture to get the creative juices flowing
  21. Create your own summer Olympics games – since this summer’s games are postponed, try making your own!
  22. Stage an impromptu concert – ask your children to practice a favorite song or dance and have them perform it
  23. Have a mini self-care day – DIY your own bath bombs, let children apply a face mask & give each other little back massages for the ultimate relaxing experience. Bath bomb recipe>>
  24. Indoor bowling – you don’t need a blowing ball and a full set of pins to play… just set up a few recycled bottles and use any old ball to get started
  25. Build a fort – use sofa cushions, chairs, clothes rack with a blanket draped over or create a fort out of a big cardboard box with packing tape to hold the sides together (pro tip – pitch a tent in the house for the ultimate mess-free indoor fort)
  26. Stage a puppet show – whether you have puppets already or need to make them from brown paper bags, it’s easy to get the kids involved in a hands-on activity
  27. Make a sensory bin – fill a plastic container with rice, pom-poms, beans, or kinetic sand and let little ones explore with their hands
  28. Virtual play dates – video chat with friends using Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangout

29. Complete this spring-inspired cherry blossom craft – provided by Newtown Discovery Preschool Director, Kelly Mulligan!

Supplies needed: big piece of blue & brown construction paper, green paint, tissue paper (two colors preferred), sponge, paint brush, scissors + glue, pencil or marker, and white paper to cut into a large circle. Check out a tutorial below!

30. Complete a workout on BurnAlong or do an outdoor workout with your entire family – It is important to stay active and engaged while at home. Try Erin Lotta’s family workout below or tune into BurnAlong – a platform that is now included in your membership where you can watch your favorite instructors & do their workouts from home! Kid-friendly classes on BurnAlong: zumba, remix, yoga, hit & kick, LaBlast & so much more! Download the BurnAlong app here>>