The beloved Beauties in Beast Mode program is coming back to the NAC! This unique program was designed to empower young women & help them build confidence through strength training.

Program Information:

  • This is a 4-week program located in the Back Gym
  • Participants are split into two groups based off age
    • Younger: Ages 12-15 (Monday 7-8pm + Thursday 6-7pm)
    • Older: Ages 16+ (Monday 8-9pm + Thursday 5-6pm)


  • 1x per week = $100 ($25 per session)
  • 2x per week = $176 ($22 per session)
  • 3x per week = $240 ($20 per session)
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In this program, women will learn how to workout safely (in a large gym setting) from two awesome female role models, Bridget & Casey. Our goal is to teach young women that working out doesn’t have to be intimidating, but can be fun & rewarding!

Empowering Young Women to Build Confidence Through Strength Training

“Many females are intimidated to try strength training, because it is normally known as a man’s sport. It definitely can be intimidating. However, when a group of young women are all working toward gaining strength with proper form and mechanics together – it is fun, empowering, and somewhat addicting! I am excited to see a group of women get to know each other, push each other, and hold each other accountable toward reaching the goal of gaining strength and confidence in and out of the gym.” -Casey Cordon

“With the Beauties in Beast Mode program starting soon, I am very excited to make a community within the NAC where young women can feel comfortable and confident while exercising. I believe in the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to guide these young women through various exercises, challenges and recovery routines that will have them feeling amazing! Ladies, let’s get stronger together!” -Bridget Boyd