MyZone will be an integral part of the new Six Zone space.

On your own time, hop into our HIIT inspired workout & our expert instructors coach you into heart rate goals for each of the 6 zones! It is not required to have a MyZone in order to complete the workout, but it will enhance the experience if you do have one!

Learn more about how MyZone will be integrated into Six Zone from NAC MyZone expert, Casey Cordon:

Where will Myzone be in the new Six Zone?

  • MYZONE is a heart rate based system that can increase motivation, deliver results, and make members feel good about exercise.
  • There will be 4 TV’s (of the 12 total in the space) with Myzone streaming!
  • You must check-in on the digital kiosk when you arrive so that your Myzone belt is picked up within the studio.

How will Six Zone coaches use MyZone?

  • Instead of focusing on reps, distance & speed in each zone – Six Zone coaches will use MyZone color zones as goals for the participants to encourage them to reach maximum performance.
  • For example, on the new Technogym Skillmill Treadmills, the coaches will be guiding you to push yourself from the Green Zone to the Yellow Zone; whether that happens by increasing running speed or increasing incline if you’re walking.

What is the MEP (MyZone effort points) goal in Six Zone?

  • The total MEP goal for one full round of Six Zone HIIT training is 110-150 MEPs.

Zone breakdown (by color): There will be an average of 15 minutes spent in the Blue/Green zones, promoting strength building and an average of 20 minutes spent in the Yellow/Red zones (primarily yellow) which will be HIIT training that will promote EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). We do not want to push/encourage members into the Red Zone because it is not good to workout in that zone for long durations. It can lead to overtraining, dehydration, or injuries.

What to Know About Six Zone:

  • Members will be coached to max effort during our most active hours.
  • There will be digital coaching through the MyZone system on the TV’s with workout demonstrations.
  • We will always have the timer and music going to motivate you throughout your workout.
  • The mega TVs will always display video exercises and the suggested MyZone color for each movement even when a coach is not available.
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