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Blog by Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD.

Do you need more ideas for summer snacks? Don’t wait until you leave the house! Plan ahead and stock your fit kitchen so you’re prepared for on-the go summer snacking! Whether you’re heading to the pool, beach, or theme park, having satisfying and nourishing snacks is crucial for you and your family to have energy to enjoy these long summer days, while fitting in fitness, too.

Prepping snacks in advance can save you money and time, plus ensure you have options everyone will eat. The key to these snacks being energizing, adequate and nourishing, is always including fiber rich carbs, protein, and fat. For example, pairing fruit with yogurt, string cheese or nut butters will keep you satiated for longer than if you just ate a piece of fruit. Ensuring that all these nutrients are included will help you feel full and satisfied, which makes it less likely that you’ll overeat later in the day.

While there’s always room for fun snacks, too, having the right balance means you not only get the nutrients you need for your body to be fueled or recover from activity, but you’ll also feel satisfied so that you aren’t searching for another snack soon after. It’s also important to be mindful about the snacks you’re bringing and how they may make you or your kids feel while outside in the sun or swimming!

How to Pack

Choose a Bag/Cooler

Large coolers and ice packs can be a pain, so I highly recommend freezable lunch bags. You keep them in your freezer overnight and then can add items that need to be kept cool, like yogurt, string cheese, hummus and veggies, and berries. Foods that don’t need to be cold can be put in your beach bag, backpack, or even just a reusable grocery bag for the car.

Identify the best foods for transport

It’ll be easier to bring apples or oranges than strawberries, for example. Dried fruit and pressed fruit bars are also great options. Remember though to ensure a satisfying snack, pair these fruits with a protein and healthy fat source.

Don’t forget your protein!

Portable protein and fat don’t stop at nuts and seeds. Salmon and tuna pouches are available everywhere and you can pair them with crackers or pretzels and hummus for a protein rich snack for your active family. Bean based snacks are also great; grab bean tortilla chips or roasted flavored bean snacks. If you have the time, you can throw together homemade snack bites or protein bars, too.


Don’t forget your reusable water bottle or favorite flavored seltzer. Hydration is key for optimal energy levels!

My Summer Snack Recipes & Ideas

Bottom Line: 

Summer is about making memories, and treats can be a part of that, too! Just keep these other snacks on hand to optimize energy levels and support your fit lifestyle. Having familiar food on the go is a win for the whole family.

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