If you’ve taken up a yoga practice, you may be wondering how frequently you should be rolling out your yoga mat. The decision of how often to practice comes down to personal goals and your own preferences. Whether you practice yoga once a week or every day, you can experience the benefits of yoga both on and off your mat.

Check out a few benefits of practicing yoga on & off the mat:

Alleviates Stress & Aniexty

One reason many people seek yoga is to bring greater peace and tranquility into their lives. Practicing yoga promotes stress relief and may ease anxiety. In turn, it’s possible to experience better sleep as a result of reducing stress and anxiety.

In a study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, “a group of people with mild to moderate stress levels practiced yoga or relaxation techniques once a week for an hour. After 10 weeks, yoga was found to be as effective as relaxation in decreasing stress and anxiety levels and improving overall health.

Promotes Flexibility & Balance

Regular yoga practice promotes muscle flexibility. It’s even an increasingly popular activity among competitive athletes looking to up their game and prevent injuries.

A study published in the International Journal of Yoga looked at male college athletes, measuring differences in performance between those who practiced biweekly yoga sessions and those in a non-yoga group. The results determined that a regular yoga practice may improve flexibility and balance, characteristics that may contribute to enhanced athletic performance.

Internal Benefits

Improved cardiovascular function, reduced inflammation and a decrease in chronic pain are just a few of the possible internal benefits of a regular yoga practice. One study of yoga practitioners over age 40 who had been practicing for five years found positive benefits for heart health. The study participants had lower blood pressure and a lower pulse rate than those who did not practice yoga.

Establish Personal Goals

Knowing the information above about yoga benefits will help you define clear goals for your practice. If your time is limited and you simply want to start incorporating yoga into your life, you can experience benefits even with an hour of yoga a week. If, however, you have larger goals of overall enhanced health, stress relief or mastering certain postures, you might practice yoga several times a week or daily.

Tip: Start with an hour of yoga a week, and add to your practice over time to see the greatest benefits.

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