Meet Casey Bausch, M.S., ACSM.

Casey specializes in chronic pain and illnesses, cardiac related health, circuit training and strength training. Her mission as a new personal trainer is to help others achieve their goals and help them see the value and importance of exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle change.

Her advice for newbies: Try not to go too hard too fast, you’ll wear yourself out and hate exercise. Ease into the exercises, find your pace and really try to find enjoyment in exercise!

Here is a workout that Casey created to strengthen back muscles and some bicep work included.

Back and biceps are both made up of pulling muscles. When you train the back, the biceps are automatically incorporated during some of the exercises. Therefore, I do exercises focused specifically on the biceps in order to have rest before training back again. I have an overarching back, so it is important for me to strengthen these muscles to avoid low back pain currently and later in life!

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