Each month, we highlight one fundamental yoga pose that can help improve your overall practice and understanding. We will break down each pose, show you how to get into it safely, highlight its benefits and offer some pro tips!

The yoga pose for May is Savasana.

Getting into the pose: 

This seemingly simple, yet complex, pose is done by lying on your back with your arms and legs extended by your sides a little wider than your body. Eyes are closed and your breath is deep. The whole body is relaxed.


The benefits we receive from Savasana include: relaxing your central nervous system and calming your mind, stress relief, shifts to slower brain waves, reduces insomnia and helps improve sleep, reduces headache and fatigue and relieve depression. It’s also an opportunity for your body to simultaneously integrate and let go of the yoga practice just experienced. Many consider it the most beautiful and important pose in yoga.

[The Practice] Updates:

Our new mats are in for the new studio! Here are some photos of them to get you excited.

Lululemon Mat 2 Newtown PA Lululemon Mat 1 Newtown PA Lululemon Mat 3 Newtown PA

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