How Your Music Influences Your Workout

When you exercise, what do you listen to? If you’re on the fitness floor, are you channeling into what’s on TV, listening to the club’s music, or your own?

Whatever you’re tuned into, we have some good news! According to Anthony J. Yeung, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, listening to the right kind of music can take your fitness training to the next level. In fact, science suggests it can actually boost your athletic endurance and performance while helping you enjoy your training or workout program.

Some of the major benefits:

  • Boost muscle power output – meaning bigger weights & more strength gains over time!
  • Music acts as a distraction – so you can feel more comfortable & less tired during your workout
  • Lower how your heart responds – which means lower heart rates and blood pressure while you exercise
  • It can impact your autonomic nervous system – according to the research, using the correct music can generate “faster recovery and a reduction in cardiac stress after exercise.”

It turns out music can make a big difference in your fitness. Now, here’s how you can put all this information together!

So, there’s one thing to consider: When it comes to your playlist, opinion is everything. What one person might enjoy, another might strongly dislike and vice versa. Learning from the studies, the key is to always choose music you enjoy — so don’t worry about what other people (or music critics) think.

Next, have your music sync with the speed and intensity of the exercise you’re doing. It’s pretty common sense based:

  • If you’re lifting a maximum-effort weight, play music to pump you up and get you amped and excited.
  • If you’re doing a fast-paced circuit, listen to fast-paced music, which can help boost your performance.
  • If you’re doing a low-intensity activity like an easy bike ride, jog, hike, etc., pick something slightly slower so you can feel at ease while still distracting you from fatigue.
  • If you’re doing stretches, yoga, etc., listen to something gentle and relaxing so you can calm your nervous system to help you rest and recover.

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