In June 2019, the Newtown Athletic Club will open its brand new Pilates studio, offering a perfect place for beginners to try Pilates in Bucks County, PA. If you’ve ever peeked into a Pilates studio and wondered – what the heck is going on with those rolling beds attached to springs? – we’d like to introduce you to an essential staple of the Pilates practice: the reformer.

The name might sound intimidating, but the workout you’ll get on this versatile piece of equipment will rival any burn you’ve ever felt in the gym. Check out this infographic to get better acquainted:

Visit the NAC’s new studio to try Reformer Pilates or Mat Pilates and discover your new fitness passion! Contact us for more information about our local pilates classes in the Langhorne, PA, area or any of the countless fitness and recreational opportunities we offer at our Newtown facility.

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