In the world of swimming pools, there’s a lot to know. In this quick read we discuss the difference between water & air temperate, plus what the standard should be for an indoor pool.

Learn more about pool water & air temperature below:

Water Temperature —

What temperature is our indoor lap & therapy pool set at?

The pool temperature is based on national standards for swimming. Our Therapy Pool is set at 92° F for physical therapy and children under 5. Our Lap Pool is set at 82° F for a balance between competitive swimming/fitness, recreational swimming and youth instructional classes.

What is the standard temperature of most swimming pools?

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the standard temperature of a swimming pool varies.

  • Competitive swimming and diving, including training and fitness swimming: 77°-82°F
  • Recreational swimming: 82° F
  • Youth instructional classes: 84°-89°F
  • Preschool/infant and therapy (5 and under): 90°-93°F
  • Spas (hot tubs): under 104°F

How do I find out what the pool temperature is currently at?

The Lap Pool has a floating thermometer tied to the railing half way down the ramp for quick reference. The Therapy Pool has a thermometer sitting in the skimmer basket in the deep end for quick reference.

Please note: 1° to 2° fluctuations throughout the day due to refilling will occur.

Air Temperature — 

Who sets the standard for the temperature in which the air in the pool area should be?

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has guidelines for air temperature of indoor swimming facilities which we follow. Indoor pools must control the amount of relative humidity for the comfort of the users and visitors, and also for the protection of the building and equipment.

What temperature should the air in the pool area be?

The indoor air temperature should be kept between 2° and 5°F above the pool water temperature. The relative humidity should be maintained between 40% and 60%, which will increase comfort and reduce the amount of evaporation.

What temperature is the air in our indoor pool?

 Our air temperature is set at 84°F and our relative humidity is set at 55%. Slight fluctuations throughout the seasons will occur.

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