Thanks for looking out for me and my fellow members ensuring we all have an excellent fitness experience!

The remodel/expansion of the NAC is shaping up to truly be one of the world’s top clubs. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where there is such a great place to help me unwind from the daily grind. I enjoy taking advantage of the many amenities offered which include my weekly personal training session with Alex Reigg who pushes me to my limit while somehow creating a workout that always seems different keeping things fresh. I also enjoy my much needed monthly visit to Urban Allure Spa for a deep tissue massage by Tiffany or Cara. Both are fantastic, helping me relax giving my body a break while getting me ready for my next workout.

Can it really get much better than this!? I guess we shall see…

Mark HaughieMember since 2006

I love the NAC!! I started working here when I was 17. The NAC has seen me through graduating from high school, college, getting my first job, and now at 35 bringing my 3 year old niece when I can (she loves it, too, and talks about visiting here often). I take advantage of the variety of group fitness classes, the pool, the cafe, kids club with my niece, and much more. The NAC is the one constant in my life and I’m always so happy there. I have made so many lifelong friends. I started doing open water swims and triathlons because of my friends here. Everyone I meet is so supportive and encouraging and friendly. It’s like Cheers where everybody knows your name. Big club with a big heart and big personality!!

Rosemary MerkleMember since 2011

The NAC is my second home. It offers me everything and more. I love my Zumba classes! There is no other gym I would ever join.

I couldn’t live without Lori from Urban Allure Salon & Spa. She is not only the most talented of hair stylists, but I am blessed to have her in my life. The women who work the front desk are wonderful, also. They are patient, kind and make sure the clients are happy. They also make me laugh!

Marcie KallenMember since 2000

The variety and amount of classes available, and all of the amenities surpass what is available in the industry in this area. The indoor and outdoor pools, cafe, equipment, child care and ancillary sports programs are some of the services that benefit (or have benefited) our family over the years.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the staff is outstanding. They exemplify the best in customer service. This feature is sorely missing in most businesses but practiced daily at the NAC.

Cathy PappanoMember since 1994

I’ve been a member for 31 years. I’ve watched continuous improvement over the years. The NAC is always advancing, always on the cutting edge. Whenever I travel, I visit other clubs, and have not found any better!

Linda SchepiseMember since 1988

We love the NAC, it has everything we need! We enjoy the classes, techno gym, the pool, the trainers, the nutrition class, etc. Everything is readily available! Need a mani/pedi/facial/haircut, the spa is convenient! Hungry, need a little pick me up, the cafe is great and so is the staff! Honestly, the NAC feels like a community and we rate it a 10/10!

April JohannesMember since 2018

So many group fitness classes to choose from. It is a part of my daily life and I look forward to seeing friends I have made in classes. It is a part of my lifestyle and I feel better every time I leave the club. I love seeing my children happy working out and that my love of fitness has rubbed off on them.

Matt and Cheryl SchramMember since 2006

The NAC is now a destination! It offers fitness programs for members of all ages, abilities and goals but it is more than that. It is also a social destination, with pool parties and other social functions. Love the NAC!

Sharon DorosMember since 1978

I joined the NAC to lose the “baby weight” after my youngest son was born 34 years ago this coming fall. What I found was more than just a gym! I’ve made great friends, the staff is always ready to help. I’ve stayed motivated by all classes offered in a clean bright environment. When my girlfriend bought into the NAC I had no idea I’d still
be going strong all these years later! I’m happy to be a part of this gym that helps the community in so many ways. I had no idea I was becoming part of such a large community with a big impact on so much from the small gym it started out from!! Kudos to all the staff that works so hard!

Randee CahanMember since 1986

It is a pleasure to work out at the NAC. The staff is very professional and always helpful whenever I have a question. Appreciate the cleanliness and of course the new men’s locker room. It is always exciting to be a part of the ever-changing environment of our gym. We have been members for about 25 years and all of these have been eventful including new friends and so many renovations. Of course to make it a more pleasant experience. Thanks, NAC staff!

Nick Pappano Member since 1994

As a mom of 5 children, The NAC is the place for everyone. The little kids love the classes and the kids club. The older kids love being introduced to working out and I get some “me time!” It’s clean, has so much to offer, and everyone is friendly!

Jacqueline FischerMember since 2016

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