When kids play sports, they develop skills beyond the field and pool.  Through healthy competition, kids can discover their personal best, have fun and be a part of a team – modeling fairness, cooperation, and hard work.

At the NAC, our sports programs are designed to expose kids to an active lifestyle and help them gain more knowledge of sports than just the rules. Lessons learned in sports can impact kids throughout their life. Here’s how sports can impact kids beyond the field or the pool:


Sports coaches give praise and encouragement to kids. They also learn about their abilities and experience the rewards of pushing themselves in a healthy way. This translates to higher self-esteem and a willingness to try new things throughout life.

A Healthier Lifestyle

We all know that being active can reduce the chance of childhood obesity. However, statistics also show that kids who participate in sports are less likely to abuse drugs or smoke, and in particular, girls who play sports have a more positive body image.

Academic Success

There’s a clear connection to kids participating in sports and excelling in the classroom. Hard work and dedication pays off on the field/in the pool, and kids quickly realize that working hard in the classroom leads to better grades. One study even said that children who played in sports through high school are three times more likely to have higher grades, graduate and get through college.

Healthy Habits Start Early

At the NAC, it is our mission to make lives better by creating the ultimate recreational, social and healthy lifestyle experience. Participating in sports begins to plant the seeds of living a healthy lifestyle early. Kids who are active early are more likely to continue to live an active lifestyle as they get older — so playing sports can lead to healthier habits for a lifetime!

Registration for NAC Attack Swim Team begins next week! Attend our team time trials & get your athlete registered so they can too reap all of the benefits of participating in sports. Learn more about NAC Attack.


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