With the era of technology continuing to grow- parents are finding it more difficult to get kids up and moving every day! Each tablet, iPhone, and all other electronics seem to get in the way of kids going outside and getting proper exercise. Here are five simple ways to productively get kids out moving everyday:

1. Make the playground your outdoor fitness center. Challenge your kids through jumps, climbs, runs and different obstacles on the play structure. Think America Ninja Warrior and create circuits using the mini rock climbing areas, pull up bars, tunnels and monkey bars to create a fun challenge for your kids, even you can join in on the fun!

2. Dance, move, and boogie! Check the Top 40 Disney songs and hit shuffle! Now bring on those moves! Dance is a fun effective way to bring on an aerobic workout, and who can resist those catchy songs? Whether it is hip hopping in the kitchen or break dancing in the living room- dancing is always a fun way to get in exercise and you will make amazing memories with your kids!

3. Buddy up. Kids love hanging out with their friends, so invite a buddy along for a bike ride or a swim in the pool! A play date will bring out their social side and make it fun to run around all day!

4. Games games games! Some of the most enjoyable memories from childhood are the wonderful games we get to play with our friends. Have your child ask around the neighborhood and see if any neighborhood kids would like to play! It could be capture the flag, tag, kickball, and so many more! The possibilities are endless when you have a group of kids and a place to play!

5. FUNctional fitness. If you are looking for your chores to be done, look no further. Ask your child to be a good helper and get to it! Have your kid join you for lawn work, walking the dog, cleaning, or anything you need done! This will get them up and active; and will help you in return-just remember to do it with them!

Be sure to always motivate your child to get up and move, kids love activity and it is important for their health. Take away that iPad and get up and move!