Mom – our everyday superheroes of family and fitness

For millions out there, Mother’s Day is a little reminder of the joy there is to be a mom or to enjoy a special lady in your life! Incorporating fitness into your life is no easy task, but these women make it look easy! Check out some of our favorite stories of our inspiring NAC moms, that put their families and fitness first!

Stephanie overcame her injury

Stephanie was training for the Broad Street Run when she sprained her foot. Instead of letting her injury derail her fitness plans and get the best of her, she reached out to her former NAC trainer for some ideas on how to work around it during the injury. Now, Stephanie still feels like she is improving her strength while getting in her daily dose of gym gains!

Katie prioritizing her health & fitness

Not too long ago, Katie started feeling like she wasn’t meeting her goals in the gym. With a busy career and two young kids keeping her occupied outside of work, she was no longer making her goals a priority. A few months ago she decided to start getting serious! Katie increased her team training frequency each month and cleaned up her diet. She is now 10 down pounds and feels better than ever with her new workout routine!

Andrea was determined to walk again

Andrea was in a bad car accident in 2008 that left her unable to walk on her own. Although it was a tough experience, Andrea never let it stand in her way. Through hard work and perseverance she was able to walk without assistance again in 2013! Everyday she makes her fitness a priority and amazes us all with her unwavering determination, strength, and the endurance she maintains each time she walks into the NAC.

Kathleen defined her ‘me time’

Kathleen started NAC group training with Erin Lotta in May 2016 and it has transformed her life completely.  As she became stronger physically, she also found that she became stronger mentally.  Allowing  “me time” in the gym every week has helped Kathleen better manage the stresses of being a working mother.  Kathleen says: “I’m a happier person and, as a result, my family is happier. I feel better and have more energy but, truly one of the greatest benefits, are the friendships I have formed and all the wonderful people I continue to meet.  Along with hard workouts, there is always a ton of laughter and support.  Thank you Erin and thanks NAC family!”

We‘re celebrating all our hard working ladies this Mother’s Day!

As you can see, our mama members give us a lot to brag about! Not only are these moms hard workers, loving wives, and dedicated mothers, they are also strong and talented lovers of fitness. Our NAC moms work every day to incorporate fitness into their daily schedules, and we love cheering them on! As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, thank the special women in your life for everything they do by spending a little extra time together.

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