Certified Trainer, Krista Williams shares one of her favorite HIIT treadmill workouts

* This program uses 3 different parts of work before each rest interval. For the rest intervals, you are walking at a comfortable pace instead of standing on the runners waiting for the time to pass
-5 min jogging warm-up
– 1 minute jog (2.0 incline), 1 minute run (2.0 incline), 30 second all out sprint (5.0 incline)
– 90 second to 2 minute recovery = moderate walk (keep on 2.0 incline)
*Repeat the interval (2.5 minutes total work and 1.5-2 minutes recovery) 5 times, then walk or jog for a full 5 minutes to cool down.
Keep in mind that everyone’s speeds will be different. A jog is a pace you can easily sustain for much longer than a minute, a run is slightly uncomfortable but doable for a minute, and a sprint is a pace that after 30 seconds, there’s nothing left in the tank. It’s an all out effort that requires that entire time of recovery afterward. Note the incline change for the sprint!

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