Finding your fittest you

During the spring, our culture becomes ‘summer body’ obsessed. But, there are so many reasons to keep yourself on a healthy track – that truly have nothing to do with looks. We know how it goes – look your best, feel your best. At the Newtown Athletic Club, a leading wellness center near Langhorne, PA, here are some of the benefits of exercise that we focus on all year long:

  • More energy. Your muscles are the powerhouse of your body. Building muscle and burning fat will leave you with more energy to do what you enjoy (and sometimes that things we don’t enjoy – like carrying in the groceries). Whether it’s lifting weights, walking the track or taking spin classes in Newtown, PA, we’ll help you find your fix.
  • Lower risk of disease. If you are overweight, you are at an increased risk for a number of diseases, ranging from cardiovascular illnesses to certain types of cancer. Getting fit will help you live a longer and happier life.
  • Push your limits. There are few things as rewarding as setting a new personal best in the gym. Working on your fitness doesn’t just make you feel great, but it also helps you push your limits and explore more of what your body can do.
  • Set an example. Whether you’re a community leader or a parent of young children, you have someone watching you and depending on you to set a good example. Improving your fitness sets a good example, and shows the people who rely on you that you take pride in your health.
  • Feel better. Did you know that working out has mood-boosting effects? It’s true! Cardio workouts release endorphins, a natural chemical, that makes you feel better. Many people enjoy a hard workout as a healthy outlet for stress relief.

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