The boutique fitness scene has obviously exploded in New York City over the past decade, and the indoor cycling studios have seen one of the greatest increases. People of all ages fill these classes as cycling is a low-impact and low-risk form of exercise. As many types of exercise, cycling regularly can improve your mental health as well as your physical health.

Weight loss & calories burnt: One of the top reasons we see these classes filled is because of the significant calorie burn. NAC members report burning some 700 calories per hour class.

Lower impact, low injury risk: Cycling gets your heart pumping and your legs moving without putting tension on your joints. We know this first hand. Located in the front of the spin studio is a MYZONE screen with real-time updates on your heart rate, calories burned and effort exerted during the class- your classmates wearing the heart rate wearble will be displayed up there with yours- an extra boost for those of you with a competitive edge.

Builds strength, muscle tone and stamia: Building stamia and cardiovascular endurance is no longer two seperate workouts. Not only does cycling increase stamia but builds strength at the same time. Cycling involves every single part of the body but specifically the largest muslce group in your legs. You’re constantly pumping blood through the whole body which improves the stamia of your heart and lungs.

Have you taken a look inside the NAC cycle studio? Classes are packed and better than ever.

2 different classes are offered at the NAC: Journey, referred to as our traditional cycling class and Revolution, which uses hand held weights and or tubing for a full body workout

Combined with the My Zone Technology system, for those with a competitive edge, your stats can be displayed on power screens right in front of the class. How many fitness classes have you taken and have wondered…

  1. ”Did I do better today than yesterday?”
  2. “Did I train harder?”
  3. “Am I getting stronger?”

Well now you will know. In every class, power, pedal strokes, heartbeat and calories burned are captured and results are shown in real time in class, and stored in your profile for you track your progress. Real data, real results.

For those who like to ride Rhythmically we have our Revolution class which combines our technologically advanced bikes with heart pounding music, light hand held weights and tubing for a full body workout.

Cycling at the NAC is raising the bar for indoor cycling. This exercise is a perfect way to boost your heart rate while being lead on a journey or a structured course of climbs and flat “roads”. Change the way you train… change your life! 

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