Looking for a fun way to help your family get fit and have fun this summer? The four-acre outdoor resort and pool complex at the Newtown Athletic Club is scheduled to open mid-April!

Camp NAC recently held an open house to introduce new families to the fun that becoming a Camp NAC kid can bring. All campers get to play and have fun in the sun during the summer at the pool resort complex. If you missed out on the Camp NAC event, there’s still time to get registered for summer camp.

Camp NAC is more than just a summer camp – it’s located on the same campus as the Newtown Athletic Club, an elite fitness center in Bucks County. We offer a safe environment to help your child develop, build their confidence, and make the most out of their summer. With a number of special camps themes such as Star Wars, Myth Busters, NAC Gaming, Harry Potter Pokemon, and Junior Chef, parents love knowing that when they send their child to a camp, where they’ll be having a summer full of both fun and education.

This year, Camp NAC is also doing our part to introduce age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to children in a fun and appropriable outlet. Younger children will explore the fun side of science, while older children and teens will embrace their leadership qualities and curiosity to build upon this important area of education. By combining facts and fun, parents love that Camp NAC is the interactive alternative to a summer of television and video games.

The best part? You don’t have to be a member of Newtown Athletic Club to sign up for Camp NAC! In an effort to extend our programs to more and more families, registration for Camp NAC is available even if you are not currently taking advantage of Newtown Athletic Club’s facilities.

Now is the perfect time to get your family ready for their best summer yet – Camp NAC for the kids and plenty of adult programs, including working with some of the elite personal trainers in Bucks County. Give our team at Newtown Athletic Club a call today at 215-526-5906 to get started or learn more!