The quickest and most convenient way to register for Youth Programs is now on the NAC App

You will have just received an exclusive invitation to download the NAC App.  That email will trigger you to create your login credentials.

Remember: some additional, free app downloads will be required for optimal use.

Step 1

Open the blue NAC App, and select the icon ‘NAC Acct Info’

Step 2

Select ‘Programs’ located at the bottom of the screen with the calendar icon

Step 3

Select your program

Step 4

Select the appropriate age group

Step 5

Select the Date & Time of the program you wish to enroll in

Step 6

Review the above information, then select ‘Book’ when you’re ready

Step 7

Choose the participate you wish to enroll in the selected program

Then, press ‘Next’

Need assistance with the NAC App? Complete the form below and we will have our support team contact you shortly!