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And what to do once you know them.

A Health Risk Assessment, known as an “HRA,” is a comprehensive health assessment that includes: an online questionnaire, a finger-prick blood lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL “good cholesterol,” LDL “bad cholesterol,” total/HDL ratio, triglycerides) and blood glucose, blood pressure and a short fitness assessment. Another crucial part of an HRA includes a body composition assessment on the InBody 770.

One of the most accurate ways to measure body composition is with a research-grade body composition analyzer. It measures measuring body weight in addition to pounds of fat, pounds of skeletal muscle, body fat percentage and water levels. The most advanced of those products on the market is the InBody 770, a 60-second, pain-free test, valued at $150+ per assessment.

All assessments will take place at the Newtown Athletic Club with a certified Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian or certified Personal Trainer. The NAC Wellness Program also provides HRAs to corporate businesses for employees.

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