From delicious gingerbread houses covered in frosting to the candy canes on the tree, most of us tend to allow our diets to slip a little bit as we indulge in some seasonal cheer.

Luckily, Newtown Athletic Club offers more than just a selection of gym equipment and youth camps in Newtown PA. Their team also offers nutritional counseling to help you shed the holiday pounds and get closer to your fitness goals, no matter what they are.

Newtown Athletic Club is more than a gym. They know that nutrition is just as important for fitness as exercise is. Newtown Athletic Club offers a number of group nutrition sessions free with membership to get you started on the road to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

From their “First Taste” session that aims to dispel some of the most common nutritional myths and urban legends to their “Fuel to Lose” class that helps introduce dieters to nutritious ways to cut the calories without starving themselves, the team at Newtown Athletic Club has a nutrition course for everyone.

No matter if they’re a first-time dieter or a hardcore fitness addict, the team at NAC nutrition can help every guest learn something new about their body and get them a little bit closer to their health-related goals!

NAC Nutrition also provides one-on-one private nutritional counseling as well. Their team of experts recommends that all new NAC members start off by scheduling a private individual consultation to help get themselves jump-started on the road to a better diet.

Don’t let the holidays ruin your health! Get back on track today with assistance from Newtown Athletic Club. To learn more about our nutritional counseling, membership packages or Bucks County summer camps, give our team a call today at 215-968-0600!