It is almost time to head down to the beach or over to your local pool. Summer is quickly approaching, which means it is time to get your body looking and feeling great. Here, at the Newtown Athletic Club, we have carefully selected our personal trainers based on their outstanding credentials and commitment to training, as well as fitness.

The other important part of our personal training programs is helping our customers find the right person to help them reach their individual goals. Each trainer personalizes their approach for each individual, and this helps them to find the results that they are seeking.

With the time to get in shape for summer quickly running out, there are many different classes that the NAC offers. There is also our wellness center in Newtown, PA to help you relax during the busy season. We are confident that we have the program that will fit you and your schedule. Our options include:

Team Training – Team training is a great option for those who like to workout with others. These sessions are typically are made up of four to six participants to help maximize individual attention from your personal trainer.

The group sessions last 50 minutes and are one of the most affordably priced options – ranging from $20-to-$25 per session depending upon commitment time. Working out with others allows you to gain energy and motivation from other members that are sharing the same goals.

Senior Strong – Active adults living in the Newtown, Langhorne, Richboro, Washington Crossing and Yardley areas love this training program. Senior Strong is also a group session, with four to six participants for those enrolled in our Senior membership. Those in the program have seen success in a faster walking pace, improved balance and stronger muscles.

It is our goal to make sure that our members are given the tools they need to live healthier lifestyles. Whether you’re searching for massage therapy in Richboro, PA or personal training advice to supplement your workout, give us a call at  215-490-9275 or visit

Get started with your personal trainer!

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