Each Friday, the Parisi Speed School team has their weekly meeting led by co-directors, Doug Sharp and Sean Hall. Discussions at these meetings typically include: new athletes who have joined Parisi, upcoming events and successes of Parisi trained teams or individual athletes.

In the last few weeks, Friday meetings have taken on a new dimension.

“We ask our athletes and clients to get better everyday/week. It would be unfair if we were not asking that of ourselves to be better coaches and what we can offer,” said Doug.

Doug is taking an online continuing education course from EXOS, one of the top performance training systems in the industry. They trained 103 of the NFL guys in the combine. He then transfers what he has learned through this course each week and uses it to continue education of the Parisi team each Friday.

“The second half of our meeting we go down on the turf and review something new each week. It is not to replace what we are doing now but just to add more tools to our toolbox to enhance the experience and results of our clients and athletes. Each week we have been going over new material such as acceleration, plyometrics, change of direction. It is a open format where we’re encouraged to ask each other questions. The following weeks the coaches are to bring a programmed block of training of what we had gone over the week before.”

IMG_9280“In the picture I am teaching a wall drill for Absolute Speed. It is called the figure 4 position, because from the side my body looks like the number 4. This type of sprinting is for anything past 20 yards. There is a lot of coordination required to master this type of running and it is the hardest one to teach to the athletes.”

This continued education will benefit Parisi athletes in a variety of ways. The Parisi team will implement what they are learning with different drills in their Private, Team, or Peak training as a session as a whole. With the classes coaches will start to implement different drills and cues. Sometimes when the warm-up/workout is the same the kids lose interest, having more training methods to use will keep them more engaged throughout their training with Parisi.

“I believe no one is ever done learning,” Doug states.

“We want to be the top sports performance coaches and facility in the area, to do that we can’t ever feel comfortable of where we are and what we know. Not everything we always learn will be applicable to every athlete/client but if we can make training for atleast one athlete better it is worth it. This also gives us a chance to refine our skills, if we want our athletes to do movements and drills we have to be able to do them as well.”

Once you stop competing, you start dying.

“We have one of the greatest teams in our Parisi staff than any other facility out there. It is a great feeling when we come together and have the drive to all learn more to in the end empower the youth athlete. Whether competing out on a sports field, at a job, in the classroom or at the health club working to be better than the day before. We thrive when we are challenged and that is exactly what we are doing, is challenging each other to be better.”

Squad Pic

Left to right- Andrew Haberman, Paul Cullura, Doug Sharp, Tim Cook, Ryan Miller, Kristen Ramezzana. Sean Hall is not pictured.


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