Springtime Fun | Tips to Make Your Easter Celebration Healthier

This year, add some fitness fun into your Easter celebrations. While many kids look forward to big baskets of sweet treats left from the Easter Bunny, it can leave some parents thinking twice about the inevitable sugar rush. There are tons of ways to make small changes that result in a big difference when it comes to the pressures of holiday eating.

Cut down on the candy. This one’s a no-brainer, but notice we said “cut down,” not “cut out.” There’s no reason your little ones can’t enjoy any chocolate bunnies or sugary Peeps. Instead of loading up the basket with every candy in the store, choose a few options on the healthier side like dark chocolate with fruit or nuts. This can also be an opportunity to teach children about moderation.

Mix in fitness to the fun. Use the holiday to encourage kids to get active. Before the egg hunt, kids can get excited with a pep rally where they warm up with activities like frog jumps, bunny hops, and relay races. In addition to the pre-hunt festivities, switch up the traditional egg hunt to incorporate even more activity. Hide clues inside the eggs that prompt children to complete small activities like jumping jacks or sit-ups. Once they’ve completed the task, then they can move on to find the next egg!

Enjoy a feast fit for a bunny. To celebrate the end of the egg hunt, children can enjoy snacks fit for a bunny like carrots and celery. Make it even more fun by adding in dips and toppings like peanut butter and raisins.

There are so many ways to keep up the springtime spirit while still making healthy choices for the kiddos. On March 19, join the Newtown Athletic Club for a healthy breakfast with the bunny & friends, followed by the annual Kid’s Night Out Eggstravaganza! Interested? Contact the Program Desk to sign up at 215-968-0600 x112 or programs@newtownathletic.com

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