Laser tag is a very fun and intense game. People playing tend to meld with the game and become fully immersed in it. The game is exciting, thrilling and there will often be moments of adrenaline pumping close shaves or hilarious battle offs.

Here are 9 reasons why all kids and adults will enjoy playing Elite Laser Tag.

1- Fosters teamwork and communication

Laser tag is an extremely effective way of getting people to work together, often demolishing social barriers through fun and friendly combat.

2- Builds friendships

It is only in the intensity and grittiness of combat can the strongest of bonds be forged. That’s why players in the field often have the closest bonds and many cherished memories. With laser tag you can get to experience some of this precious combat camaraderie without all the actual pain and mess.

3- It’s completely safe 

In laser tag games, opponents shoot at each other with specially designed guns which fire an infrared laser beam. If this beam touches the equipment worn by the enemy player, it automatically disables him and renders that player “out of the game” for a short while. These infrared laser beams are completely harmless and no one will get hurt at the end of the game. Unlike paintball, you don’t have to wear a protective helmet either.

4- Keeps you fit

Laser tag is a great way to get active. You will need to move around, run, jump, hide and dodge. This results in a great workout- but it’s a workout you don’t even notice because you’re having so much fun! That’s the best way to exercise.

5- Trains your mind

Other than great exercise, laser tag also trains your mind by providing opportunities to think and plan strategies in order to outwit your opponents. Laser tag sessions often have specific objectives, like capturing the flag and fulfilling these require well thought through tactics and strategies.

 6- Accommodates all groups

 Sometimes it can be hard to find an activity that is the right fit for your team, youth group, company, or other organization. Fortunately, laser tag can accommodate large groups, small groups, and everything in between! Just let us know your group’s needs and we will arrange for a game that works for you.

 7- Hones leadership abilities

 Laser tag missions often involve leading a team and working in groups to accomplish objectives. This requires strong leadership and direction giving. Playing laser tag lets you hone your leadership abilities by giving you real life combat situations.

8- Play anywhere

 Laser tag games are very versatile and suitable for a plethora of battlegrounds. You can choose to play Elite Laser Combat in our facility or your very own back yard! With a multitude of barriers, camo netting and of course our state of the art laser guns, we can turn any space into a battlefield!

 9- It’s universal

 Laser tag is known in many countries. It has been loved and enjoyed across the world by people of different ages and lifestyles. There are even different international competitions for those who have developed a passion for the sport.

Looking to have some non-stop fun? Come experience the NEXT LEVEL of laser tag with our Elite Laser Combat package!

It’ll be one party your friends and family won’t soon forget!

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