#FitTipFriday Get your heart rate up! No rhythm required.

You’ll feel the burn in your buns while you move to the beat!

“I burned double the amount of calories that I normally burn and took 8,000 more steps,” said personal trainer Doug Sharp of his experience taking the Matt’s Mission Zumba Challenge. “Not only was it really fun, but for a great cause.”

On Tuesday, various members of the NAC Staff were challenged to do a Zumba class to raise money for Matt’s Mission for Augie’s Quest and ALS Research. Doug Sharp was challenged by the NAC queen, Linda Mitchell.

“Don’t be hesitant to try things,” said personal trainer, Paul Cullura who was challenged by fellow Parisi coach, Doug Sharp. “I was totally out of my comfort Myzone-Zumbazone at first when I walked in, but once I was in there and dancing I felt comfortable. I had a great time and got a really great workout.”

Zumba is an interval workout designed to get your heart rate up (look the MyZone screen to the right) and boost cardio endurance. The classes move between high- and low-intensity dance moves that target your legs, glutes and core with a lot of jumping and bouncing- but can always be modified to meet your needs. The workout really involves your whole body, with routines that emphasize moving your hips, toning your arms and working your quads and hamstrings. Overall, this cardio workout melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility.

So next time you see (or hear) a Zumba class going on upstairs in the group exercise studios or in the brown gym- jump right in! No rhythm required.

This isn’t the end of Paul’s Zumba-ing- “I’ll definitely be back.”

Want to try Zumba? Click here to see when Zumba is offered, along with 200+ group exercise classes per week.

Watch the NAC staff tear up the dance floor for Matt’s Mission