During the month of November, MYZONE held a Global Challenge for users everywhere. There were 32 countries participating! Earning meps not only got you closer to achieving your fitness goals, but will also got you closer to cash prizes! 504,508 tickets were awarded in total and 99,066,137 MEPs were earned in one month!

Two NAC members were amongst the First ever MyZone Global Challenges winners!

Congratulations to: Julia Reynolds & Sharon Schmidt!


  • $10,000 cash prizes awarded in total via prize draw ­
    • USD $2,000 awarded to the 1st ticket that is drawn ­
    • USD $1,000 awarded to the 2nd ticket that is drawn ­
    • USD $500 for the next 14 tickets that are drawn  
  • 1 ticket is awarded for earning 1300 MEPS
  • 1 additional ticket is awarded for every additional 100 MEPS above 1300
  • Tickets for the prize draw will be capped at 5000 MEPS

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