Here at the Newtown Athletic Club, our amazing team works hard each day to live up to our motto…”Making Lives Better.” Every department at the NAC has their own ways to strive towards making the lives better of each and every member. In Youth Programs, the main focus is two-fold: pleasing the children in the classes and making the parents happy with the quality of the programs. Check out these 6 ways that Youth Programs makes lives better for our members every day!

1. Encourage lifelong fitness: Making fitness an everyday part of life while children are still young is invaluable tool for their overall health. When individuals are more active as children, they are likely to continue those habits into adulthood.

2. Socialization opportunities: Children involved in group activities, like youth programs classes, are able to pick up on important social skills. During classes, children have the opportunity to practice skills like listening, taking turns, interacting with others, sharing, and more.

3. Convenience for parents: As important as it is for children to get active and healthy, it is also just as vital that parents do the same. Enrolling children in youth programs classes allows parents to take the time to exercise on their own or get involved in parent participation classes.

4. Foster creativity: Many times, fitness and creativity go hand in hand. One class where this connection is obvious is our Kidfit Active Artists class, where children are able to play games and create crafts. All of our dance instructors also work hard to ensure that every dancer can be as creative as possible.

5. Develop specialized skills: At a young age, it is much easier for children to develop new skills. In our dance and gymnastics programs, there are different levels for children to advance through. With the encouragement of coaches, it is always an exciting feeling for the kids to be able to advance to the next level in their sport.

6. Improve self-esteem: Children who participate in sports and activities are more likely to have higher self-esteem and confidence in themselves. With the positive encouragement of our instructors and coaches, the youth programs team helps to foster the independence and self-esteem of all of our participants.


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