Watching your toddler or baby crawl around your house, you may think the worst place for them is on the high bar or trampoline in a gymnastics studio. However, you may be surprised to find out that starting your child in gymnastics classes at an early age can have tremendous benefits. That’s why at the Newtown Athletic Club, our recreational gymnastics program includes classes for children as young as 16 months. Check out the top three benefits of enrolling your baby or toddler in gymnastics classes.

1. Physical Benefits: Gymnastics helps children build strength, coordination, and balance. When children are still young, these types of exercises are very important for the development of basic motor skills. In addition, encouraging regular exercise at a young age can help form good habits from the start and fight childhood obesity.

2. Social Benefits: Our parent participation classes, such as Baby Gym and You & Me, allow babies and toddlers to explore gymnastics while bonding with their parent in a positive environment. Along with parent-baby bonding, children are exposed to their peers and others, which allows them to develop social skills. In these classes, children will engage in listening, interacting with others, and taking turns.

3. Intellectual Benefits: Along with the physical and social benefits, babies and toddlers experience intellectual growth. At the Newtown Athletic Club, Baby Gym instructor Stephany Aviles incorporates educational songs and activities into her classes. “At a young age, baby and toddlers are visual learners, so along with introducing gymnastics at a fun basic level, I incorporate educational songs to help them reach their milestones,” explains Aviles.

These are just a few of the many benefits your child will receive from starting gymnastics at such a young age. To get information on how you can enroll your baby or toddler in classes at the NAC, fill out the form below and you will be contacted to set up a FREE trial class.

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