Get acquainted with our new events director, Diana Dudash. Diana was brought on board to improve your member experience by creating special events to entertain, educate and connect you to fellow members and the community. Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Up until now, Diana’s career has been based in New York City. She began in corporate events with a large bank (Lehman Brothers) then transitioned into a travel planner and vacation host for a Destination Club (Quintess).
Diana has been in the events industry longer than you may think. She said “I’ve been the activities director of my group of friends since age 12. I used to take my Mother’s Martha Stewart Living magazines out of the mailbox before she could even read them. Creating experiences for others and with others has always been a passion of mine and something I still find inspiring every day.”
We asked her some questions so you can get to know her better!
How you plan to apply your events background and experience here at the NAC?
I look forward to taking feedback from our members and also being able to anticipate their wants. Where are my foodies, my travelers? Who likes to get into the great outdoors?
What do you like to do in your spare time?  
My husband Josh and I are first time homeowners, so we love to work on our house. We are slightly obsessed. He’s the muscle, I’m the perfectionist. HGTV is always on at my house! We also have a beautiful and sweet Viszla named Hanna, who needs workouts as much as we do! We love to take her to local parks and trails.
Do you have a favorite workout you do?  
I really enjoy Pilates, especially on the reformers at The NAC. It’s challenging but calming, creating a focus that I find therapeutic and restorative.
How do you plan to make lives better?
Successful events and trips are things that people remember in a positive way. Philanthropic efforts are a wonderful way for for everyone involved, to give bacpersons-0106k and create awareness. Great experiences facilitate personal connections, laughter and life long memories. All of these things are extremely rewarding to me.
Do you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
Instagram is so much fun. I’m one of those people who posts pictures of my coffee, my dog and random things that I see every day. Family members always say, yea, your gourmet coffee looks great, but where are YOU? :)
Most used emoji:
The thumbs up and peace sign for sure. I’m also a big high-fiver, so if you see me around, feel free to reach out for one!