What sets WOODWAY treadmills apart from conventional treadmills?

You move the belt rather than letting the belt move you! Woodway treadmills are entirely self powered so the belt moves the speed at which you’re running or walking. You dictate the treadmill speed.

Only WOODWAY comprises a rubberized slat running surface and ball-bearing transportation system which absorbs shock at the point of impact. This transportation system eliminates having to change belt speed on conventional treadmills.

The running surface was found to be the ideal “softness” to eliminate the harmful shock to joint and connective tissues while not changing proper bio mechanics.

The treadmills were purchased for Parisi Speed School but we want YOU to try them! The treadmills will be located on the Parisi turf in the fitness center. Based on member feedback, we will continue improving treadmill quality at the NAC.

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A few who use Woodway

“It replicates outside running more, there is no motor so you will work your body harder.”

“I love the new Woodway CURVE. The big drawback to treadmill running in some peoples mind is that the treadmill is doing half the work. Not with the new CURVE. My athletes love it and, we have seen great results with heart rate elevation. This is just a great piece.” 

-Mike Boyle, Founder of Body by Boyle