Enjoy a “tongue in cheek” look at golf.
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1. The golf courses are kind of ho-hum.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl01-golf-courses 11.

2.  Nothing exciting ever happens.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl02-nothing-exciting 2

3.  People who play it are all the same.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl03-same-types 3

4.  It’s not really a sport.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl04-not-a-sport 4

5.  The clothes are kind of dweeby.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl05-dweeby-clothes 5

6.  It only punishes you.


7.  It’s a country club sport.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl07-country-club-sport 7

8.  You can’t really play after a certain age.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl08-doesnt-sustain-interest 8

9.  There’s no real chance to connect with your friends.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl09-no-chance-to-connect 9

10.  Or your family.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl10-no-family-time 10

11.  People who play take themselves too seriously.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl11-too-serious 11

12.  It’s not very kid friendly.

golfworld-2015-05-gwsl12-not-kid-friendly 12

13.  It’s an old boy’s club.


Sam Weinman is Golf Digest’s digital editor. He previously covered professional golf and the NHL for Gannett Newspapers. Weinman enjoys playing golf with his two young sons since they are currently the only people he can outdrive.